Monday, 24 April 2017

Collection Update

It's been years since I last posted anything and it does disappoint me, mostly because I keep referring to this blog to see my collection. It's a lot easier than rummaging through my collections trying to find that 1 particular kit.

The collection grows larger and stacking it becomes more dangerous as it sways even at the slightest breeze. Not included are quite a number of kits due to lack of stability. Also not in the pictures are the Robot Spirits and Gundam Fix Figuration. This gallery will take you through my thought process as I perform a stock check of my collection (since I mistakenly continue to buy duplicates).

I don't display my kits since there's children always visiting the house and you know how these 1/144 scaled units don't stand a chance against a 1/2 scaled human.

The first example of space keeping is by cutting the box in half while maintaining the side information (series, HG number and keeping the Bandai logo).

Regular HGUC Sazabi and its titanium finish version. Same kit but only half the space!

Part of the inspection includes checking for broken or damaged pieces. We see here the loose waist/hip part. Luckily there are no broken pieces.

And he's fixed! Back into the box he goes.

One of the cool things about cutting RG boxes in half are these side portraits. They're like mini RD packaging.

Arguably the most stable among RG kits. The MK.II Titans and AEUG versions.

Even the beastly The-O looks cozy in his downsized apartment.

The first of duplicates I'll talk about. The Gundam F91. I'm not really a fan of this kit before but after building the physical model, I grew to appreciate its designs.

Here's one of the completed set. The reason I got another is because I picked the wrong colours for the mini thrusters (they should be of orange-yellow tint instead of bronze).

Great design from SEED but the series suffers from having sub-par quality HG 1/144 sized kits. I'm hoping they get a proper re-release like the new HGCE Impulse Gundam instead of that color accurate (lol!) crap.

Forgot I made this unconventional design.

The poster boy for Zeonic scums but I'm not sure why I have not topcoated this kit.

It's a shame if the new Twilight Axis kit re-uses this old mold. There's another uncompleted Alex Gundam kit for the purpose of building him in the Chobham armour.

Another example of space saving. The FA Unicorns.

By disassembling the major components, I am able to store it in its downsized box without risking any damage to the paint/kit.

I love the design of this unit, a slimmed GP02 Physalis was my first thought but the kit itself was frustrating to build. Seams at difficult areas, exposed polycaps and very flimsy backpack.

The backpack for the Gundam X.

It hurts to cut some boxes because they contain additional information within them but space is more important than information I can't read. (OMG PS1).

Not visible here but this kit, was among my first 10 completed kits and I can see the "yellowing" of the plastic.

3 of my largest Gundam-series kits in collection. All unbuilt and may remain so for the next 2 years. I really feel like a Dendrobium and Neo Zeong would add girth to my collection...

The only SRW kit in my collection.

And for a 1/144-sized kit, this is why I have not build it.

Example of kits whose boxes can't be cut due to either size or additional accessories.

Unused codes I didn't even realize were in the boxes.

The 2nd kit with loose piece identified.

And he's fixed but his box will definitely need to be cut soon.

The head was staring at me. I remembered why I stopped. I think it would look better if the red pieces were changed to cobalt blue.

One of the kits I really liked but even after buying it, it remain sealed because interest to build waned...

I don't even really like G-Lucifer but hey, it's on sale.

Have 2 of this, one in default color scheme and this one emulated to Gerbera Kai color scheme. A lot of duplicate units are planned that way (original colors and custom colors).

Like SEED, nice designs but lousy quality plastic kits.

Requires so much paintwork but still leaves me dissatisfied because it pales in comparison to even the earliest HGUC kits.

Look at this blasphemy known as 1/144 Tallgeez-geez-GEEEEEEZ.

My first and final attempt at weathering. I thought of emulating the 08th MS Team but I was inexperienced then (this was my 4th kit) and I hate the idea of weathering my kits cause I prefer them pristine like factory units.

Only 2/4 completed for the Throne series. That reminds me I need to find the Jagd Arche Robot Spirit.

Not the accurate logo color for Celestial Being but I liked the earth motif.

Large kits but small boxes. Color me surprised!

Hmm. Must get RG Gold Frame and must paint Red/Blue Frame in metallic colors.

Please release the Blitz Gundam already.

My FSS collection. The Wave kits are horrendous but the Volks version looks promising.

Only one Valrave kit and that sticker sheet is why I've not built it.

Used to have 3 MC Model Gundooms but decided to remove the HWS and Hi-Nu version cause I can't stand the fitting and material issues. The inside of the box resembles a hangar though.

The Origin kits are my new favourite things from Bandai.

There's never enough effect parts.

Need to get another Lightning Gundam for that second backpack set.

Comes bundled with a manga copy of Thunderbolt. I didn't read it (did watch the OVA though).

When you like a kit so much that out of respect, you can't bring yourself to cut its box into half.

Comes with the poster for when you want to emulate Endless Waltz while playing Just Communication.

I bought an assembled OOB RG from someone on forums cause he was selling at 1/5 of the original cost. Disassemble it, cleaned the nubs and had plans to repaint it into G3 scheme but couldn't be bothered to paint the small pieces yet.

Can't bring myself to build them yet. Can't bring myself to sell them though. Can definitely feel good keeping them for now.

The RG Freedom is the reason why I don't display my kits. A friend of mine came over and checked it out and lost one of its beam saber hilt. I've since replaced the hilt with aftermarket metal ones but it still leaves me bitter. That guy is still my friend though and he still vehemently denies it.

I resized the RG boxarts and reprinted for the action base.

Plans to make 1 kit with both shoulders having the beam curtains. The other will be repainted into something else, maybe the original Wing colors.

More limited release kits. I'm not really the type who will chase kits for their rarity. I buy what I like.

Found these bonus campaign option parts stored in the Zeta Plus.

Love the Rozen Zulu clear though. I hate the hideous regular release with its off-colors.

Need to find the Zeta Collection containing the Hyaku Shiki, Gundam MK.II and Zeta Gundam.

Still one of my most favourite kits in my collection. Love this bulky baby.

Friend A asked me "Hey, I'm at a hobby store, want me to get you anything?".

"Sure, help me get the Schzrum Dias".

Friend B asked me months later "Hey, I'm at a hobby store. Do you have a Schzrum Dias?"

"Nope, why don't you help me get it"

And that's how I end up with 2 of these.

RD and HG size comparison

My Nadleeh with the "hair" replaced with plastic fibre optic strands. The main body houses an LED but due to years of neglect, the battery died and I couldn't get a replacement for a photo.

The only box casualty in my collection.

I didn't even know I have 2 of this.

Another half-completed kit. This is the redemption kit after that botched weathering attempt.

None built. Waiting for the inevitable Devil Gundam.

One of my first customs. I have plans to redo this kit and have already procured the Unicorn Mode base and RG Wing Zero for its wings.

I hate Atra.

Ohh, my favourite design from Katoki. The cobalt blue (normal scheme) and violet (ALICE scheme) versions are still WIP. Hoping for an updated release but I already have the RD Ex-S Gundam and that thing screams perfection.

Advance of Zeta. Requires me to get the Quel and more Hazels.

I also collect some magazines.

My first magazine and also the one that introduced me to the works of NAOKI.

I even make mistakes of purchasing duplicate magazines (thought granted one is in Mandarin and the other in Japanese).

Moe AOZ goodness.

Random Action Base stands I found. Would probably use them for my RGs.

Painted pilots.

A relic from 15 years back.

Gundam hammer from the G30th RX-78-2.

Unused movie screening ticket for when Unicorn OVA came out.

A look into the RG design process.

Aftermarket parts for the RG Destiny and Strike Freedom. I should have gotten the P-Bandai ones for its better effects.

Need to get more decals.

Most of what I work with.

Should probably consider an airbrush... wait a minute, stop succumbing to temptation.

And that's all, by then it was late and I couldn't cover my GFF and RD collections, much to my dismay. It would have helped me focus on getting the next kits and figures.

On the blog, I have some ideas but it will require me to re-blog my whole collection, get better photos and clean up the writing. The issue I have is getting the dynamic poses and camera/lighting angles without resorting to a proper lightbox and macro-camera. We'll see if there's any updates for this blog. Till next time!

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