Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blog Update

So, I've not been submitting any post for awhile now, and it sucks because there's so many kits I wanna talk about. But that didn't mean I was away from Gunpla, well actually I was though there's been some progress here and there.

Nonetheless, I still have a lot of kits to review that I've done or in the process of completing. Then there's that mountainous backlog, no thanks to Bandai's irresistible releases.

Of course, the first of these upcoming featured kits, is the clear Rozen Zulu. An absolute gem, my first and most likely not my last clear kit.

Then there's some of the pair projects I've been doing, with a lot more upcoming ones, like the 3 sets of Hrairoo I've gathered, some Hazel projects, Wing Fenice pairs and of course, something I've been quite excited for awhile, more Byarlant Customs (the P-Bandai exclusive versions).

The Unicorn series may have ended but the kits just keep coming. Finished a few of these kits, with more new ones collected. I'm especially excited about the Zeta Plus though I've not been wowed by the prices. How the hell are the Zeta Plus so expensive?

Then we have the absolute gems from Bandai. The small sized kits which have been nothing short of wonderful. Great fun to build and looks better when completed. I just cannot wait for the upcoming Crossbone kits.

Of course, I need some mono eyed kits as well. There's quite a number to choose from these days, with the Zssa top on the wanted list. The red Char HG was especially mind-numbingly painful to build and an eyesore but once I finished, it was kinda cute, in its outdated charm.

OO series may have long been over but the kits are still one of the recommended lines in the 1/144 series. I even got the complete Throne set though looking at the paint needed, it'll take a long time before it reaches my production queue.

AGE! I still have some of the kits to finish and among them is my highly sought Glansa. I kinda stopped on my Orbital AGE-3, which was sad because it was one of the nicest kits in terms of leggy sexiness.

Then I do wanna talk about some of the completed figures by Bandai. The Testament, which I had no idea about until I saw the promotional images, is one of my favourite Robot Spirit now. I do wish they released the Regenerate Gundam. The upcoming RD Zeta seems like a must get, only for the sake of having a highly articulated Zeta Gundam.

In other news, I have slightly expanded by non-Gundam kits with the addition of some FSS kits and a Gesterben Custom. The qualities are far from Bandai's standards but its a pain that I must endure because some of the mech's design are just so beautiful.

I  do wish I took the time to add more content, and am currently thinking of ways to improve the quality of the pictures because I've been so lazy trying to setup the whole thing and as my previous posts suggest, I'm such a lazy asshole in terms of posing/utilizing the kit's armaments.

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