Saturday, 5 July 2014

WD-M01 Turn A Gundam [Butterfly]

To be frank, I don't even know if I like Turn A Gundam. Sure the legs are very beautifully sleek and... Shit, that's all I have. So, it amazes me as to why I keep getting the 1/144 releases of Turn A.

Is this some kind of psychological problem I have or am I trying to be a hipster. I need to dig deeper into my soul to understand this phenomenon.

But before that, I had this really rad idea of creating a manly, very manly; manliest among men, Turn A Gundam, that would be inspired by David Hasselhoff in Baywatch. He would be tanned and sporting a sexy red swimming trunks, surfing the waves using his shield. And one day, I will submit that entry into Singapore GBWC.

But until that day arrives, I'll only have an OOB, gloss coated, slightly detailed kit to present.

Bandai outdid themselves with this version. It's better in every way compared to the old Turn A kit. The part separation meant that the colors were true to the model, there was minimal seamlines, the proportions is sleek and tall, there was clear yellow piece for the cockpit and they improved on the shoulder articulation. They even included the core fighter, which I naturally ignored.

With the addition of the Butterfly Effect & Stand expansion set [Mind you, the set costs SGD 40.00 whereas the kit was only SGD 24.00], it catapulted the Turn A into a center mantelpiece. Th effect does more than add a shiny bling to it. It enlarges the Turn A kit, both horizontally and vertically and the translucent colorful wings draws the audience to the Turn A.

Truly a deserving treatment for one of the legendary Mobile Suit in the Gundam series.

It is not without problems though. The rifle still relied on red stickers [Though it's easier to mask and spray them now], the shoulder is still hindered [But that's more of a design flaw] and the some of the seamlines on the head and lower arms are quite hard to fix.

For me, liking Turn A is more of an acquired taste. Something unpleasant that turned out good after knowing it for awhile and coming to terms with its significance. Looking past the whole high-tech capabilities, it's actually an elegant unit that unfortunately, as its V-fin resembling a 'stache.

Without the Butterfly Effect, it's an ordinary 8/10 kit, since it is a little too simple but with the Butterfly Effect, I would rate it at a 10/10. 

I'm just waiting for Bandai to announce the much superior Turn X Gundam.

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