Sunday, 11 May 2014

Gunpla Update

 So, instead of working on my ever-growing backlogs, I decided to do some side-tracking, time-wasting activities that did not help at all. Got back into Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour and I had fun just bullying the Easy comps. Added ads to my blog because I thought it'll help me to go Hobby Search/HLJ quicker but nope, only ads I got was KFC and Pizza Hut.

I did manage to clean up some space and clear storage spaces for more Gunpla purchases. The tower of boxes, while very satisfying, was getting harder to manage. Tempted to throw it all away but I really, really like them. Plus they are my kits' storage homes since I don't display.

Also joined some Gunpla Facebook groups and meddled a bit with my kits. Damn, some of it are starting to show signs of age, like loose limbs, slight cracks and some paint deterioration. I keep having to tell myself, these are not toys.

Alright, I'm looking to decaling and topcoating some kits, so expect some more reviews soon. I just realize the main purpose of me doing this.

I kinda wanna show that you don't need to be a professional or put in a lot of effort to have a decent looking finished kit. I hope to strive to do better but most importantly, strive to finish my backlogs XD

PS: My current collection list can be referred here: Gunpla List

My collection on 1st January 2014 for comparison:


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