Saturday, 26 April 2014

ORB-01 Akatsuki Gundam - Shiranui Pack

While I've been caught saying that I abhor the proportions of the old SEED HGs, there was something about gold plated that I've become increasingly weak to. Then again, I myself used to say that chrome plating is Bandai's way of scamming idiots willing to overpay.

Nonetheless, since I really do like the Gundams of SEED series, the Akatsuki was a pretty good addition to my collection, despite how pathetic it performed overall in the hands of Cagalli Useless Athha.

The build is straight forward and the parts are mostly undergated as with usual chrome-plated kits. I especially adore the copper chrome since it looked really nice and gives a good color break to the otherwise all gold kit.

Unlike the other GAT series kits, the proportions for this one seemed acceptable. It's only really noticeable if I placed it beside the newer RG Strike. Other than that, there's nothing much to comment on except for the fact that the shield doesn't come with a black sticker and my goodness, it was so hard to paint on chrome surface, even with masking.

I can't mount this onto an action base since there was no hole slot for the stand and I can't be bothered to find the adapter. I'd imagine it'll perform alright but nothing outstanding. I did get transparent blue effect parts for the launching of funnels but I can't be bothered with such trivial gimmicks since I don't pose my Gundams.

Overall, it looks and fits right in with my SEED RGs and I dare say it's one of the few worthwhile SEED HGs. I may even consider the Oowashi pack in the future.

A decent 7.0/10.0.

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