Saturday, 26 April 2014

MBF-P01-Re2AMATU Gundam Astray Gold Frame Amatsu Mina Custom

Among the Astray frame series, the Amatsu Mina Custom is my favourite. The gold frame complements the black armor very well, giving off an elegant and tasteful image while also exuding dangerous vibes from all the sharp corners.

So I am very, very happy when Bandai released the kit with a totally new mold. I do hope that we'll all be blessed with an updated HG Blitz Gundam since the only other decent 1/144 is the Robot Spirits Exclusive.

The black plastic has a glossy look to it right out of the box but the gold pieces are actually those orange-yellow puke, commonly seen in Strike Freedom and Banshee kits. I had to paint it Metallic Gold to realize the vision I had, but unfortunately, it also meant that I can't move the kit much or risk scratching off the paint.

Given the miniscule size and a lot of moving parts, I also preferred the standing look and don't feel tempted to pose it in any kind either. Afterall, I'm not a fan of those wire-hooks gimmicks [They're nice, especially in animation but it's such a chore to do it on model kits]. 

Nevertheless, I really dig the whole asymmetrical look and was really happy with Bandai's product.

If there's any negative opinion though, it's mostly because of the fact that the red parts are mostly stickers, easily replaced by red markers. It's not a big issue, especially since the kit is really small.

I'm looking forward to making my Blue and Red frame, along with Sengoku Astray and this is because of my positive experience with the Gold Frame.

A solid 9.0/10.0 kits.

PS: THAT UNIT NAME IS A SOLID 10/10. I love confusing long names.

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