Saturday, 26 April 2014

GNW-001 Gundam Throne Eins

When the Throne series first showed, I groaned. Why must there be an idiot who released a copy of the GN Drive, I was enjoying the Celestial Being's dominance. No more overpowered CB after that.

Admittedly, while the Throne's pilots seems slightly unstable, I was rooting for them to win. Maybe it's just because of how terrifying the Thrones looked at first. I got the Eins first [Hehehe] and have not yet been tempted to get the other 2, but I should since the COMBO attack with the other Thrones seems like a nice feature.

Unlike my Arche which has suffered from old age, my Throne Eins is surprisingly tight and sturdy. Maybe because I didn't bother with it after painting it in metallic black. The whole kit itself is pretty good on its own. The GN Launcher can extend to ridiculous length, there's the whole backpack and chain link, kinda good placement of pink stickers and a rifle/shield combo. What more can one ask?

Oh right, there's 1 thing I wanted to ask. Who the fuck designed that rifle to have that obstructing smokescreen thing, making it look like there's a crossbow underneath it or something.

It's been a very long time since I last completed it, thus I've forgotten about what was good and bad when building it. I did remember groaning at the number of white stickers required, opting instead for white paint. Masking those bits were a paint but oh well, it's all individual preferences.

Unlike the Arche Gundam, the Throne Eins' more complicated backpack made me less of a fan so it only scored a 7.1/10.0 rating for me. It could have been a solid 7.5 if they had filled in the cavities for the backpack arm and removed the distracting rifle's smokescreen piece.

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