Saturday, 22 February 2014

RGM-79 GM [Thunderbolt Sector]

Alright, hands up if you're like me, hating the Thunderbolt units when it was first shown. The insulation covering the limbs like funny astronauts' suit, the outrageous number of weapons sticking out, making the Unicorn FA look under armed and the infinite number of thrusters all over the unit like measles.

But I have changed. I have evolved. Or rather, maybe my taste just went downhill. I actually like the suits now. Especially the GM. There's a certain flair of competency to it now, like the Rezel GR. It makes grunt units, much more appealing. I'll also like to mention that the FA Gundam and the Zaku II looks especially salivating but that's for another time.

What draws me to the kit most is the 2 shields. I like the EFSF shield, it has enough design without being over detailed and it is just so iconic. Then comes the other parts of the GM, which are angular and there's no over abundance of plain parts, with the stuff like small verniers and panel lines breaking the surface look.

I did not complete the secondary gun, the 2-Barrel Beam Gun, as it looked kinda off, sandwiched between the shield and hand. Plus the hollow trigger kinda made it look cheap.

The build process is relatively simple, even for a seemingly "equipped" unit. There's nothing frustrating about it since most of the seams are hidden, but the major ones along the arm and back of the leg can kinda piss you off.

The kit is also very articulated, which is a surprise for me. I expected them to be semi bricks. The moment I can pull off the kneeling pose, I was like "Well, well, well, it just justified its price tag". There's also the abundance of accessories, for equipping the shield on the hand or the backpack, hard points for carrying shields on both arms, the extra gun, the right-hand trigger finger and the inclusion of the fantastically thin and closely-cropped sticker decals.

This unit is very good and for someone like me who avoided the older GM kit, it's a semi-modern take [And a very good plastic kit too] on the GM series. The bad things would probably be its looks, since it's not for everyone.

If you do want it though, it's an easy 8.0/10.0.

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