Saturday, 22 February 2014

MSN-04 Sazabi

If Sinanju is a regal and majestic unit, then the Sazabi is his brute and barbaric cousin. He's big, he's high specs and he's definitely stupid. Otherwise, he wouldn't have given Nu Gundam the psycoframe technology. I'm sure Char's love-hate relationship with Amuro is much more complicated than psycoframe magic mumbo jumbo.

Either way, I was pretty excited about this kit, and rightly so.

It's a really simple kit surprisingly. Bandai did a great job hiding the seam lines. I couldn't think of any apart from the gun and pod-storing backpack. There are also many details, without being too complicated [Though with the release of MG Sazabi Ver Ka, the HGUC looks too simple] and sufficient equipment provided.

Some of the details require painting, like the cables on the gun and a couple of the thrusters. But no matter, the vast empty space just makes me orgasm as it allows for placement of ridiculously large decals. And I love my ridiculously large decals.

Are there any negative points though??

Yes! Firstly, it's not the Nightingale, which is THE proper final unit for Char Aznable. Seriously though, the massive shield makes the shoulder connector loose after awhile and the legs pop out of the waist easily. It's also not the most articulated of kits, but that's to be expected from a kit of this size.

If you're a 1/144 collector though, the Robot Spirit may be better to you, and if you're not particular about scales, I sincerely believe the Ver Ka MG is the go to Sazabi kit.

 Overall though, I could care less about the MG ones and I will award this kit a 8.5/10. More panel lines, especially around the shoulder and plate skirts would add visual appeal to the whole look.

Besides, nothing complements your Nu Gundam figure more than its iconic rival.

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