Saturday, 22 February 2014

GF13-050NSW Nobell Gundam

Nadleeh, Ms Sazabi, GN Archer, they don't even come close to Nobel Gundam [Or Noble/Nobell whatever Bandai screw you and your naming convention. Full Burnern? Wtf is that...]. 

Cute, sexy and colorful, the Nobel Gundam, despite the petite size, will easily become an attraction in one's collection for its very feminine trait.

So, with this beauty in sight, I set out to rescue her from the box and set her free into the world.

Cute kit and fun to have around. It's unlike your average Gundam kit. Such a welcomed refreshing build after making soooo many Gundams. It's like the only acceptable doll out there that can fit in the collection.

I love the pastel-ish color palette and the slight gloss, reminiscent of Trans-Am system.

But it's not without problems. There's no polycaps at all for her. So, while that's kinda good in some ways, it also means that the ankle easily pops out and the legs' connection to the waist was somewhat difficult to adjust.

The hair is also a ridiculously heavy piece, resulting in the head tilting upwards. And there was no beam ribbon like the normal version sadly.

For months, I searched high and low for this 9/10 kit. I have the normal version but the Berserker mode's glossy plastic attracted me as it seems like an easy OOB for me. After almost giving up, I sought the assistance of CerealKiller in finding this gem. Thank you to Orbe Station and Simon for making this possible!

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