Friday, 24 January 2014

XXXG-01W Wing Gundam

Okay, if you're a fan of TV series Wing Gundam, please skip this paragraph.

I honestly hate this design. Its style is so outdated and super-robotish. I would take the Ver. Katoki redesigns any time over this. Hell, I think the only reason I purchased this guy was just for completion sake since the 1/144 Wing kits are crap.

Will my bias opinion waver after completing this kit? I don't know honestly, since the Bird mode transformation is right at the top of my "Things I absolutely hate in Gundam" with Waverider systems. Only Shinn Asuka and ZZ anime gets on my nerves more.

I did admit I was very happy to know this guy is being released, since I'm quit fan of Gundam Wing designs despite never watching it. I suppose years of being with Gunpla made me appreciate the designs and I honestly thought that the HGUC kit did this unit much justice.

The proportions are great and the seamlines are very well hidden. There is also plenty of things packed inside this rather simple-looking kit, such as the Bird Mode, the beam saber inside the shield, standard wings and that claw thing on the forearm.

If there was something I didn't really like, it was the All Gundam Project [AGP] hands, which felt a tad too big for the Wing Gundam. The rubbery grey materials was also a letdown as it made sanding difficult, leaving behind these horrible cutting marks.

 I overdid the Tamiya Panel Line on the right shoulder [Gun-wielding hand], causing the shoulder joint to crack and break. That pretty much killed the articulation in that arm after gluing, otherwise the kit is able to pull out the signature Wing Gundam poses.

The legs don't exactly line up as elegantly as the Wing Zero Custom Robot Spirit but for a HGUC, it's pretty good. It's also not backpack heavy, which makes this unit great for both ground and aerial stunts.

Now, I still won't say I adore this design, but it's pretty low cost compared to the Unicorn series and it's plenty of fun to build. Quick and quite well-color separated.

If you're thinking of picking this up, go ahead, a definite solid release. 7/10.

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  1. You'd say is not nice still give 7 meh? This judgement not accurate, LOL