Tuesday, 28 January 2014

xvm-fzc Gundam Legilis

AGE-3 Orbital and Legilis are my favorite Gundam designs coming from AGE. I felt the strong vibes of GP02 emanating from the Legilis sleek and agile-looking unit. Pretty ironic huh?

So I was pretty excited when Bandai released the HG kit of this titular villain unit.

While I'm reviewing this kit now, I actually liked the finished model. The fins in particular gave it a vibrant look and accentuate nicely with the slender and limber body. But it was weird because I recalled vague memories of hating the build process.

I can't pinpoint exactly which parts I hated, so I'll start with the good points of this kit. Lovely details and colors, mean super villain look and has the armament redeeming of a boss unit. The face in particular, with the covered goatee, was reminiscent of GP02's macho looking head and the colors were matching.

And like all AGE kits, most of the seamlines are well hidden, either as intentional or covered by other pieces. Articulation was a strong point and that moveable tail, very convenient.

And then it hit me, like a crashing freight train. The ball joints for the wings, it's stupid as it's only half-covered, causing the binders to pop out whenever you try to pose it. The shoulder has this jarring seams and the tail looked very basic, unlike Danazine.

I was really glad I didn't bother with the dragonfly gimmick.

But despite the trauma it gave me when I was building it, the end result was worth the trouble. Just for the great looks alone, I'll leave a 7.5/10 rating for this kit.

If one had to choose a Vagan unit only, the Legilis is definitely the go-to option.

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