Sunday, 26 January 2014

RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes

Real Grade RX-78GP01 Gundam Zephyranthes.

The Real Grade series aggressive styling completely changed this unit for me. It looks sleeker, modernized and fierce. 10/10; go out there and do yourself a favor and get it.

 When it comes to Real Grade series, it's the RX-78-2 and GP01 that was able to truly make me appreciate the details incorporated into it. This is thanks to the drastic improvements over their HG counterparts in almost all departments; proportions, aesthetics, articulation and requiring minimal effort to look good.

Probably the only downside to the Real Grade is if you're planning a custom color scheme because the parts separation means more pieces to paint. Other than that, I really like the Real Grade series and always welcome most of the releases (Except for Skygrasper, what a waste of slot).

The GP series was a nice break from the SEED releases and I had really hoped for a GP02 and GP03 variants to complete the set. It would be interesting to see how a RG GP02 would look like because that would be the largest RG to date.

 But going back to the GP01, I have almost nothing bad to say about it, because it's able to pull very nice poses, both on ground and in the air. It even has fixed hands to allow better holding of the rifle and the shield but I'd rather stick to the moveable fingers, because hey, it helps contribute to the whole RG-feeling.

My only gripe would probably be the corefighter aspect, since unlike the RX-78-2, they actually made you build the corefighter for the torso and backpack. I would prefer a solid core block because the lower torso and shoulder plate it doesn't feel firmly fixed.

 Fucking Kou Uraki doesn't deserve this fantastic mobile suit.


  1. Like out of the normal Gunpla into q different grade!!!!! Nice GPO1 also best gunpla of the year

    1. Way better than Strike..... Zeta rg lose allot of points....... I haven't did mine. But is so motivated by yours!!!!! Gd Job there.