Friday, 24 January 2014

RX-160S Byarlant Custom

 It's been quite some time since my last update but it's definitely not due to a hiatus. In fact, these past months have seen a tremendous increase in Gunpla purchase. Fuelled by All Gundam Project and the new Gundam series, which proved to be a successful hit, Gundam Build Fighter, my backlogs ballooned to 30 HG kits. 

I would like to dedicate this virtual space to say a big Thank You Very Much and Unfortunate Fuck You, to my best buddy, Mr Joseph, because his weekly trips to the local hobby stores yields more impulse purchases for me.

Nonetheless, yesterday, I've tweaked the photo-taking set slightly, which hopefully would provide me better pictures, especially since the background and lighting was terrible. I felt that the details didn't translate well into pictures previously.

So, I decided to restart by showcasing a RX-160S Byarlant Custom, whose stellar performance in the Unicorn movie made many non-ace pilot fans happy [Then again, the pilot was an ex-TITAN so that makes the "faceless grunt" claim very dubious].

Okay, admittedly, I always thought that Byarlant units were pretty useless; due to the armaments, or lack thereof, but the single unit wiping out the Zeon squadron in Unicorn was just so fantastic. It clawed into my heart immediately. It also helps that the Custom version drastically improved the hand outlook of the unit. I mean the Byarlant had this small claws which looked like those disgusting grubby repair drones.

I was definitely disappointed when Bandai first announced the Robot Damashii release, thinking it will never see model kit form just cause Bandai can be a dick at time. Then they did the fans a massive favor and actually released the HGUC model! But how exactly did the HGUC kit fare?


I don't have the RD version but comparison of pictures showed that the HGUC one had better details overall, though articulation may lose out. But oh well, who exactly expects much humanoid pose from this crabby unit.

The overall look is pretty good in my opinion. I especially like the moveable thrusters and verniers which all contribute to a very agile unit despite the bulky-looking limbs. it is reminiscent of the GP02 for me.

It's also better off on an Action Base, performing aerial poses, augmented by the gimmicks in the claws, shoulder and backpacks and of course the stylish heels. Bandai also provides you with rather long pink beam saber effect parts which is appropriate for a unit this size.

I honestly can't think of any drawbacks, as I used paint, so the stickers weren't an issue. If anything, the biggest nitpick would probably be more to the action base connector. When you have a large unit like this, the weight tends to cause it to swivel around. Pretty funny stuff but it makes balancing pose very difficult.

While I do rave about the Byarlant Custom, I also understand that the peculiar design may not suit everyone's taste, especially those who lean towards sleeker SEED/00 designs.

However, if you're like me, who watched the Byarlant in action several times, then you'll find this kit a wonderful plastic form of that unnamed hero *cough* Robin Diez. Easily 9/10 for a kit I enjoyed building which appropriate plastic bulk, gimmicks and proportions.

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