Monday, 27 January 2014

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Nightmare]

I started Gunpla around 4 years ago, and the HGUC Unicorn was my first one. I've mentioned that I really like the RX-0 series as they exude a regal vibe, taking references from majestic mythical creatures.

And with the Gundam Build Fighter showing at the moment, I revisited a really old kit of mine. A custom Soul Calibur Nightmare inspired Unicorn Gundam.

Back then I was really proud of the execution but looking at it now, it feels somewhat messy, with the gold panel lines, the uneven blue coats and the very loose Wing Zero backpack. I couldn't even attempt any action pose.

But I am still really happy with the hair.

The following entails fragments of Team Calibur's development report for the RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Nightmare Mode]:

Initial plans to incorporate the NT-D system into the HGUC Unicorn Gundam proved to be a massive failure as all 6 prototypes had weakened structural integrity and the modification hampered overall unit performance. 

Proposed switchover to HGUC Destroy Modewas was no successful as Test Pilot Marida Cruz was unable to sustain prolonged operation of the unit due to mental and physical fatigue. The effective performance time for the Destroy Mode also proved to be substantially lower and after consideration of overall battle capacity, HGUC Unicorn Mode was reinstated. 

The team attempted to install performance enhancing system into the unit to compensate for Marida Cruz's piloting ability. The EXAM system was implemented but it caused a tragic accident. Marida Cruz went berserk in simulation against 143 AI-controlled RX-78-2 and was mentally and emotionally unstable. Our team sponsor, Sir Siegfried sent her for rehabilitation at Namco Medical and she came back a different person. 

Some of her brain sensory had been disrupted by the electrical signals and had impaired some of her piloting skills. The team is thankful that no other effects such as unstable emotions or destructive tendency was displayed. 

* She appears to become more aloof and clumsy after the ordeal however. 

The medication prescribed to counter the effects of her damaged brain nerve did not improved her skills. She has lost 40% shooting accuracy due to the accident. We'll begin focused training in close quarters and melee combat to compensate this loss. 

Concurrently, all future performance related upgrades were removed from plans. This includes the ALICE Project and Trans-Am. 

With the increased proficiency in melee combat, RX-0 was outfitted with Atmospheric Re-entry Wing system which will provide the stabilisers to aid unit's agility and evasiveness. The wings have also been coated with gloss pearl which have beam-reflecting properties. The secondary purpose is to act as movable shield surrounding the unit. 

For the weapons, given the lack of shooting precision, only 2 GN Buster Sword III was equipped. They can be combined to increase swinging mass. The team suggested hyper beam sabers but Sir Siegfried is obsessed with claymores. No additional armament was added to reduce weapon loadout. 

Marida was pitted in a Women's Gunpla Fighter tournament and managed only Third placing. Analysis proved that RX-0 was unable to effective coordinate the intended wings' motion. Research into enhancing surrounding senses pointed to installation of fibre hairs. They act to receive changes in surrounding particles and feed the data to the unit to automatically adjust wings' placement. 

Effective result was achieved as Marida can focus on the objective as much of unit's defensive movement is automated. 

After qualifying for the World Gunpla Championship for Sweden, the team decides to paint the white Unicorn into Sir Siegfried's colors. 

However, team analyst reports that RX-0 has several weaknesses and can be defeated via:

Ranged bombardment from multiple positions.
Shell-based projectiles.
Kiting and flanking attack strategies.
Performance-enhanced adaptive units.

To at least increase the pilot's chance, alternative medication have been dispensed to subdue any emotions. Marina's dependence on melee attacks has hinted at frustrations and loss of focus when fighting against ranged units. 

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  1. Messy hair? Use Pantene! Joking.

    It looks nice to me. I would give 9/10 for you out look.