Friday, 24 January 2014

GAT-X303 Aegis Gundam

Robot Spirits Aegis Gundam was going on for SGD 35.00 (USD 27.00) and I was like "GET IT NOW!". Seriously, the GAT series are a pretty good-looking line-up and surprisingly, I prefer the Aegis, Blitz, Duel and Buster over our heroic Strike Gundam.

I could almost say I like the Mobile Armour mode. I won't hesitate to say that I adore the Regenerate Gundam though but that's for another time. So I was pretty excited to unbox this nifty gem and fiddle with it.

When I first played with it, I was somewhat unfazed by it. Since there's no transformation [I hate transformation but I don't know why this idiotic brain of mine kinda would like to have it?], I only need to equip the backpack, gun and shield and voila, it's done.

That was until I propped it onto the custom base they provided and it is where the Aegis Gundam excels. Aerial posing. Seriously, I think for the first time in my Robot Spirit experience, I actually used all of the equipment, like beam sabers and different hands, cause it's ridiculously good looking and fun to pose. I didn't even do that with the Wing Zero Custom, which I consider the benchmark of Robot Damashii.


Firstly, the base is quite eye-catching in its ruby color, which was a nice break from the standard Tamashii stand. The peculiar triangular design however, meant that it is also prone to tipping if not balanced properly but that's somewhat forgettable once you posed the Aegis.

The articulation is great, a standard among all Robot Spirits, hell, even the shoulder could pop outwards, allowing the arms to cross the chest. The legs especially, just sexily sleek.Other than that, the Aegis rocks its outlook without requiring panel lines or decals, since the black parts breaks out the red pieces well.

And that V-fin, just makes me drool. I'm a crazy fan for insanely sharp and long V-fins. Let's not forget the beam sabers either.

I could easily give this a high score, especially since I got it for a bargain price because this figure delivered everything I expected and more. For me, it would be a 8.5/10 but for those who may get it at retail price, it would probably range between 7 to 8 scoreline.

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