Tuesday, 28 January 2014

AGE-FX Gundam AGE-FX Burst Mode

It's fine that Kio didn't follow the footsteps of genodical grandpa Flit but he didn't have to operate in a naive and hesitant manner. I do admit that the AGE series had its flaws but it was overall alright.

The kits on the other hand, they're really wonderful; minimalist design, wide range of articulation and very good parts separation. The AGE-FX Burst Mode is no exception.

I picked the Burst Mode over the normal one because I was lazy and wanted a kit that did not require me to do any painting/touch up.

It wasn't the best move because the dark blue pieces had really thick sprues and paint coat. This meant that the nubs were really scarring and dissuaded me from completing the gun. It is oversize too in an obstructive and boring design, unlike Zeta's Hyper Mega Launcher or the Ex-S Beam Smart Gun.

Apart from that, I've not much negative things to say. It comes with a stand and tonnes of clear parts, the light blue and normal blue looked great and there wasn't much stickers [Note: The funnel parts were composed of the clear effect part, a blue plastic piece and the other side of the plastic was blue stickers. But it looked natural].

Building this made me consider getting the normal version too. I just think that the green effect and normal Gundam color scheme would look great alongside the Burst FX.

The kit, when displayed with the funnels, did an excellent job to encapsulate the power and sheer superiority of the AGE-FX. Enjoyable 8/10.

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