Sunday, 3 November 2013

PMX-003 The-O

Before I briefly watched Z Gundam, I admit that my initial impression of The-O was that it was THE "Yo Mama" joke in Gundam, until I actually saw the performance against the Zeta Gundam and Hyaku Shiki. This fatass of a yellow blob is actually a behemoth monstrosity. Not even the fact that the waverider Zeta ramming into its chest to stop it can take away the fact that it was a very formidable opponent.

However it wasn't the specifications or numbers that attracted me to it. As one of the first non-Gundam HGUCs I've obtained, I was fascinated by the under-skirt hands, the details and thrusters and of course, its sheer size.

The build itself was quite fun. Being an old kit, it didn't have additional gimmicks like layered armors or sliding pieces. What it did have was details on the underside of the front and back skirts, the aforementioned thrusters all over and the large surface area giving ample panel lines without being overbearing.

There's plenty of areas for decals and the overall solid weight makes this kit one of the more robust kits I have, alongside the GP02 and the Sazabi. You'll find that just filling the details up will go a long way in enhancing the appearance of this kit and once topcoated, it provides a nice matte pale yellow finish.

If I could be bothered, I would have covered the seam lines and tried digital camouflage, as it can further beautify the kit. Perhaps add in some multi-tone at the shoulder and skirt part for added eye candy.

While the kit itself is quite alright, it suffers slightly from old technology. The articulation is mediocre, hindered further by its large limbs and skirts, the seamlines are obvious in the shoulder and hands and there is no proper action base support, which makes this unit more suited for ground poses.

However, just standing still, I dare say this kit's physique can still attract attention and awe from people. Hell, I get comments that it's a cute and loveable model kit. Scirocco would have definitely mindfuck those who dare say that.

A straightforward build which meets the intended target and purpose with no surprise or major fault.

I would rate it a decent 7.0/10.0 and recommend it for everyone. Unless your name is Kamille.

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