Sunday, 3 November 2013

ORX-013 Gundam MK-V

 Coming from a long absence, I've decided to post something, and to kick start, it is the Robot Damashii Ver Ka Signature, ORX-013 Gundam MK-V. It is one of the few items that I would save in case of disaster *touch wood*.

Funny story about this one; my friend, Joseph and I was browsing the local hobby stores and I caught sight of a brown box with the holy scripture of "MK-V" written on it. I thought, "It'll probably be $90" whereas Joseph thought it was under $60, and thus we asked. Holy dingo balls, it was supposedly "for sale" at a staggering price of $260. These online exclusive items are daylight robberies, I could almost get a HGUC Dendrobium or an hour or two with a hooker at that price.

Like a devastated man who've just seen his crush kiss somebody else, likely someone who's uglier and poorer than you, I trodded along as the world begin crumbling until we caught sight of another MK-V! The price tag of $180 was still pricey but being a Sentinel fan, wait, this level of dedication, is equivalent to being a Sentinel whore. I gladly exchanged all my worldly possessions, to emerge out of the shop victorious; kit in my hand, my underpants on, and absolutely nothing else.

While my excitement was at an all time high as I wow-ed and squealed like a little girl when I unwrapped this kit, it was short-lived. And this feeling is prevalent with most of my Robot Damashii figures.

Don't get me wrong; the proportions are great, the accessories are aplenty and the whole complete figure is very convenient. But the lacking details, the overly articulated limbs and that strange sense of fragility made me very, very cautious in handling this kit.

This made appreciating the kit especially scary, as I'm afraid of loosening the limbs, breaking something or popping out a part. In the end, it felt like a GFF for me. The hefty price tag was the final nail in the coffin that almost deemed the MK-V untouchable.

I had this fine beauty, but I was too afraid to appreciate it. A glass cannon it was.

That aside, I must say, the included optional decal sheet was nice (I dare not decal it though, unlike my plastic kits). The extremely heavy and large beam sabers was sooo awesome; it looked intimidating and is gigantic. The INCOMs was also a great supplement, if I ever decide to use it.

Everything else; like the shoulder pods, the shield and the gun was decently detailed. What it lacks in panel line, it made up with very nice articulation, as it was very mobile and flexible for a large kit.

The sheer size is also magnificent together with the solid weight. It is slightly taller than the HGUC S Gundam and Ex-S Gundam, which is appreciated, as it creates a sense of equality between these respectable units.

While I don't regret getting it, I do wish it wasn't so expensive because I think it's not THAT worth it. This is due to the lack of stand, the decals should actually been applied given it's a Ver Ka and the whole leg section was too flexible, making it slightly wobbly.

I recommend getting it IF it is cheap, because otherwise, you'll feel like you're better off getting your Gundam satisfaction elsewhere. 

The MK-V scores a 8.0/10.0 and I sincerely pray for a HGUC version, which would be more robust and cheaper.

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