Saturday, 18 May 2013

WD-M01 Turn A Gundam

I never liked the Turn A Gundam. Until I became so obsessed with Gunpla at one point that I kept surfin modelling sites and the numerous Turn A entries starts to grow on me. Now, I'm quite a fan of the infamous moustache guy, whose industrial-inspired design by Syd Mead really looks fresh in the Gundam universe.

While it may be the most powerful Gundam in the universe ever, the 1/144 kits are on the opposite spectrum. Even the Juaggu was given a better Gunpla form. There is just no love for the manliest Gundam in UC.

Well, what can I say about this plastic kit that I got for under SGD$5?

It's total crap. Yup, that's right! Unless you got it for a steal like me, don't bother with this kit at all. If you fancy yourself being a skilled/improving Gunpla person, by all means, please go ahead and challenge yourself.

For the casuals like me, stay away! The color separation is crap, there's no action base support, the articulation is nonexistent [Especially the shoulder area since the back shoulder is a solid piece combined to the back and therefore restricts the arm movements] and the equipment are abysmal.

Phew! What a damning review. I also feel silly painting the chest since it resembles an evil Doraemon somehow.

If there's any positives, it's the fact that this is probably the only 1/144 plastic kit you can get of Turn A for now and also, even in the crappiest form, the Turn A's magnificent and lovely legs are still well formed and endless.

If I attach the legs to the Nobel Gundam, it'll be, without a doubt, the sexiest Gundam ever. Seriously, not even the Destroy mode's legs can match up to these babies.

Since it's cheap, I'll give it a 3.0/10. If you paid a lot for it, just keep it unbuilt since it's worth way much more as a classic collection. If you do want a 1/144 scale, maybe the RD figure is the better alternative, even though the RD is quite small for 1/144 scale and not matching the Turn A's 20m height.

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