Saturday, 18 May 2013

WD-M01 Turn A Gundam [Robot Damashii]

My previous disappointment with the plastic kit version inspired me to purchase the RD Nanoskin finish Turn A. Or to be honest, stumbling upon the discounted sale of this RD inspired me to purchase it.

I liked the Nanoskin version RD more so than the normal version because it has the shiny effect which I'm quite weak to. Plus, the pigments are really well done in my opinion, bringing out the best of this Gundam. Of course, that transparent yellow cockpit also helps in the decision making. If only they included the cow figure like the MG did, would be hilariously cool. And amazing. Mostly amazing. Who doesn't like farm stock in Gundams?

While the 1/144 kit may almost qualify as a brick, this RD version is the gymnast version. The one who does yoga all the freaking time. The one who may represent China in Olympic Gymnastic events. It's incredibly flexible, articulated and well, what can I say, has a good looking appearance of the Turn A.

The only slightly bad thing would be the head design. I felt that it was slightly rounder than I would have liked. Takes away that macho mustachio factor, which was funnily enough, better done on the 1/144 kit.

While it is admirably articulate, it also suffers from it. The kit can barely support its own equipment and posing it is made slightly tough by the fact that the limbs won't stay where you want them to stay. They'll move as they damn pleases and trying to get the weapon in a realistic pose is difficult, which may explain the lazy boxing poses I went with.

Another gripe is that it is a little too small for a 20m frame Gundam, and in my rigid 1/144 obsession, this is slightly annoying. But it's nothing compared to the fantastic nanoskin effect. That shiny finish alone eclipses the negative factors.

I must say, I am quite satisfied with this RD, earning a decent 7.0/10.

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  1. This bastard NanoSkin finish makes me change my mind about Turn A...... If any other people would have seen it personally, this kit is worth every penny.