Saturday, 18 May 2013

RX-79[G] Gundam Ez8

Wow, it is as if I'm torturing you guys this week with old, boring and outdated kits, coupled with wacky, crappy paint jobs and pitiful articulation.

But no matter, the show must go on, and I feature the MS 08th HG kit, the RX-79[G] Gundam Ez8.

I do honestly like the Gundam Ez8 even though it's quite a peculiar design. There's no V-fin, you may mistake it for a Ground Gundam and you may question why it's a lead unit for the MS 08th series.

For me however, the Ez8 has an attractive charm, coming from it's no nonsense, realistic military design and also the fact that Shiro Amada is the pilot. Plus, if Lacus Clyne is a favourite of mine, then Aina Sahalin is a close second.

Useless information aside, the kit itself is decent, in the sense that the design is there but not the articulation nor details that you may expect from the recent HGUC kits.

This is also my first and last attempt at weathering [Though it's more reminiscent of an unwashed, dirty desert unit with no battle damage]. I actually regretted it in the sense that the clean white was actually pretty sweet looking.

While the technology for the production of this model kit isn't there, Bandai did give you a 1/144 pilot figure and also an operable chest to reveal that internal working mechanism gimmick.

While I do look forward to the moment I build the updated HGUC kit, I must say, for this one, it's an admirable 5.0/10 for a really outdated kit. I hope the new rendition exceeds it in all aspect, especially proportions since the old one is almost perfect in terms of aesthetic appeal.

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