Saturday, 18 May 2013

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam [Destroy Mode]

Urgh, another of my early builds. Just look at those gaudy gold joints. Freaking Strike Freedom ruined my Gundam mentality back then.

I like the Unicorn Gundams but I regretted what I did with this one. But oh well, this is a learning lesson in 2 major points:

[1] Don't go overboard with the metallic colors.
[2] Don't go overboard with the decals.

The Destroy modes never fail to impress me because they exude that grand stature, even though basically they're just uncontrollable raging beast mode, plot hole excuse that saves the protagonist on all occasions. Hell, why bother with the Unicorn Mode in the first place.

Now, talking about Banagher Links, I like him when he's not in the Unicorn Gundam and not wasting its potential. Seriously, in the hands of a skilled pilot, Kshatriya/Marida would now be known as space dust. And Full Frontal would be reduced to piloting a Zaku II. Or a wheelchair if he's unlucky.

All this silly nitpicking by me reminded me of one thing. WHAT THE FLYING WHALE FUCK IS UP WITH PYSCHOFRAME FIELDS?

It's as if Gundam emits reiatsu in battle. I'm fine with it being in CCA since it needed that cheesy ending, but against the Shamblo? That felt cheap.

On the kit itself, I've covered it a lot of times, its a great kit. Except for the back skirt, that needs some work since it's prone to popping out.

Articulation isn't the best but it does what is required although the lack of color range benefits the Unicorn Gundam since it looks amazing straight out of the box.

What you want most, is that precious clear red pieces and boy, do they look good against the all-white armor of the Unicorn Gundam.

In previous review of the Inactive Mode, I gave it a 7.5/10 and I'll stick with that still. But I am leaning towards the cleaner Inactive Mode's look than this decaled version since this looks too messy now.

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