Tuesday, 7 May 2013

MSN-06S Sinanju

As a die hard Federation fan, I am ashamed to realize that I have been corrupted, tainted and thoroughly seduced by the flamboyant and tenacious features of the Neo Zeon front. What started as first love for the Sazabi soon snowballed into other array of mono-eyed suits, and the cream of the crop is the Titanium Finish MSN-06S Sinanju.

Despite knowing full well that the chrome version will not be undergated and will have prominent nub marks, I was still determined to get it because my lack of skills will never achieve the luscious glossy finish via spraycan and that the titanium finish was the only way.

So, what do I think of Full Frontal's kit?

Horrible. Headache inducing. Frustrating. Raging, turbulent dissatisfaction. Well, for the nub marks mostly because they're really, really bad. And I partly blame my dull cutter, which have been promptly replaced by Tamiya's one *Hurray!* I can't smooth it out and the best bet was to cut as closely as I could. Damn, I don't even wanna talk about it.

And the FUEL TANKS. They're joined at the head and the end. The middle has no connection, so there's this unsightly gap sometimes and it may split to reveal the gap when you handle them. I hate it. I hate that I also can't apply glue or risk losing the chrome.

Pah, with those nuisances out of the way, the kit itself is gorgeous. Beautiful. Breath-taking majesty. I wasn't even impressed by the Sinanju at first because the Destroy mode captured my heart. But building this kit made me appreciate the intricate and sculpted design.

Even the stickers, which would otherwise make me puke, added a nice regal touch to the overall outlook. The sleeves definitely placed grandeur aesthetic over practicality. 

"Hey look, what's the blingy thing advancing towards us? OMG it's the enemy, it's sooo prettttt-...." *EXPLODES* - Every ReZEL unit.

Oh right! The Sinanju haven't even impressed me much in the Unicorn movies since I felt that Full Frontal hasn't gone into serious battle phase. The audacious kick on the Unicorn was quite delightful to watch though.

Plus more importantly, it doesn't feel as "cheap" as the Rozen Zulu and it's ridiculous beam spamming. I thought that was way over in the UC series. Fucking hated these "beam spamming", even with the Kshatriya's funnels. Hell, not even the mighty Nu Gundam was portrayed as a one-man army.

Oh right, the kit came with assortment of yellow beam saber/javelin effects which I didn't cut out. They're really great addition though, but not enough to overshadow the rather sleek beam rifle.

Alright enough rave about the Sinanju. Easily one of the best HGUC I've built, despite the nub marks and propellant tank issue. I rate it a magnificent 9.5/10 for the Titanium Finish version. It's a WOW-inducing kit for the lazy painter/builder.

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