Saturday, 18 May 2013

GN-000 O Gundam [Type A.C.D]

Wow, I'm going to be covering a lot of nostalgic builds for now. The reason why, is because I've pretty much covered all of my newer kits and the latest Gunpla hauls are untouched. So, I'm left with kits that I built way back when I first started Gundam plastic modelling.

The O Gundam is among them, probably my 3rd kit or so. I'll try my best to remember the good and bad of the kit while I re-re-re-review it for the umpteenth time. 

The O Gundam is a little like the RX-78-2. Simple and unassuming design to the casual but it's something really special once you get to know it better, and building the HG kit is one way you may appreciate the design.

One of the best thing about the 00 HG kits is the superb articulation. I attribute it to the skirt's design, which don't get in the way of the thighs and also that the units are not overly equipped with stuff such as propellants and insanely large beam weapons.

The other best bit about them is the straightforward, minimal obvious seams and relatively well color separation/details on the kits.

So, the O Gundam is superb in terms of being a physical manifestation of the O Gundam we see in the anime series. It's reminiscent of the AGE-1 [Or vice versa since this came out way earlier].

The negatives? Nothing major comes to mind.

About my kit, it's kinda old, at around 2 years, so the decals has rubbed off at some parts or turned yellow, most of the major reason being my poor topcoating skills back then and also a lot of physically handling the kits like they're toys, which should not be the case.

Also, damn, my color/painting skills were horrendous then [They're still bad now, but not as bad as last time]. I mean, that blue spot on the gun irks me the most. What was I thinking!? I'm definitely not a Coordinator. I do love Samuel's silver decals though, I really think it stands out nicely when the light is on it.

Overall, I've nothing bad to say about the kit, it's superb in every way. In fact, I'm surprised there's no MG version of this gem since I'm sure a lot of fans would love it, but oh well, Bandai can do whatever they want. 

I'll rate this at a nice 8.0/10 and would not hesitate to get the grey version with effect parts, since the O Gundam looks a hell lot better than Exia in my opinion.

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