Saturday, 13 April 2013

ZGMF-X10A Freedom Gundam

Oh yes, a winged Gundam, my favourite kind of Gundams. Freedom, despite the Jesus Yamato and Beam Spamming labels, is a very likeable Gundam design. If you were to ask me, do you want a fast moving, multi-target lock Freedom Gundam or a Newtype Destroyer Unicorn Gundam, I'll have to go with the Freedom sorry.

Speaking of Kira Yamato, looking back, I'm not even sure if I even liked him since his personality is as exciting as cardboard and his no-kill policy in Destiny made me think pornography have better storylines. Maybe it's because he's dating Lacus Clyne that made me a fan, very weird perspective indeed. His Gundams however, are very cool looking, that I gotta admit.

Okay, so let's start with the bad news first. The wings are flimsy and pieces will pop out when given the chance, it's almost backpack unstable depending on your standing pose and lastly, the hip beam hilts are ridiculously loose. I lost mine, wait let me rephrase that, a friend named Cheng Chun lost it for me when he was looking through my Gunplas. So, I had to use the metal ones to replace, which doesn't look that out of place but I'm still sore that it's gone.

Now that's all cleared, again, the proportions, details and articulations are magnificent! If they can pull off the Freedom this well, I'm just waiting to see how they do the Strike Freedom. I can't criticize the looks of this RG since it's really great looking, especially the way the wings spread.

Getting the M100 "Balaena" Plasma Beam Cannon into position can be quite a chore however since you need to rotate sequentially according to the manual or risk shooting backwards. The MMI-M15 "Xiphas" Rail Cannons however are easy to operate and just for your information, the weapons name are obtained from Gundam Wikia and I'm just shamelessly using them to pretend to know a lot about the Gundam world.

Other than the weapons, the sliding cockpit hatch is a very nice feature. I actually liked it more than the usual front-side opening hatch. Pity the pilot figure is standing and not in the sitting pose.

I like Freedom and RGs but I don't like how fragile it feels. But maybe it's not because of the quality but due to the slim profile the Freedom has that can contribute to the non-solid feel. It is great looking though, a better depiction of the Freedom than that featured in the anime.

So, I think an 8.5/10 is an appropriate score for this kit.

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