Saturday, 13 April 2013

ZGMF-X09A Justice Gundam

If I said Kira Yamato was like cardboard, then Athrun Zala would be the equivalent to the wet cardboard version, sympathetic but still a spineless character whose redeeming feature would be the fact that he was quite the gentleman in letting Lacus Clyne go. I'm way too obsessed with the whole Lacus thing, aren't I?

Okay, onto mobile suit issue, I initially liked the Freedom way more than the Justice. In fact, I didn't have much opinion of the Justice, since it was always eclipsed by Freedom. However, when I started building this kit, my opinion drastically changed...

Maybe it's the RG details, or the Fatum-00 backpack, but between the 2 RGs, I must say I loved the Justice experience more. The different red tones, the armaments fitted on the shoulder, the backpack and the detailed features, such as those prominent on the legs and underside of the backpack, the Justice feels much more thorough and packed with more gimmicks.

With that, I would say the Infinite Justice seems like an exciting prospect as compared to Strike Freedom. Good job Athrun, you have won a fan in me. The pinkish tone actually works well in the sense that not many units have the color scheme apart from the amazing Char Aznable.

The only slight issue is that when you have the backpack in flight mode, the over-the-shoulders cannons tends to restrict the head movement and while they did improved the hip beam hilts, it's still quite loose. Backpack weight is another issue but Bandai has generously provided a separate stand to assist.

The good news however, is that mounting Justice on the Fatum is quite a stable and easy thing to do, there's the shoulder beam boomerangs and hands to emulate the Freedom and Justice hand-holding affair when Lacus flew out to Kira as seen exclusively on the anime. Mobile Suit romance, how touching.

I would rate this an impressive 9.0/10 since it really is a great RG release from Bandai.

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