Saturday, 13 April 2013

RX-78-2 Gundam

This week's episode features titular RG series Gundams and we start off with the legendary RX-78-2 "White Devil" Gundam. In fact, I deserve to be slapped for taking this long to feature the granddaddy of all Gundams on this blog.

When the first RG release was announced by Bandai, I was up all night fapping, anticipation of what is to come for the Gunpla hobby. MG technology in HG scale, it was a perfect combination for the 1/144 collector like me and starting with the RX-78-2 was a welcoming factor.

And it did not disappoint at all. Having built the HGUC G30th version, the RG release curbstomped in terms of details, proportions, gimmicks and articulation.

Firstly, RGs are really fun. They may take longer to build but the higher part count means better color separation and almost no obvious seamlines. With the undergate and thinner gating, it looks polished with minimal effort. And top it off with the "Realistic" decal stickers and I've been a satisfied RG fan thus far.

Secondly, so far, I've also managed to break at least 1 part for each RG build, to which I either blame my clumsy hands or Bandai. Most likely Bandai cause I really like my hands. For this RX-78-2, the right knee section has a broken connector permanently glued, so it can no longer bend. Broke it because I didn't loosen the frame before build and only tried the armor sliding after building, thus contributing to its' handicap.

Lastly, while Bandai gave a lot to offer with the RG, I've no interest in truly utilizing everything, like the ridiculously awesome beam weapons, superb articulation, extra weapons and moveable armor features. It's  a waste but I think the flimsy nature makes it frustrating. I do love the included pilot figures though!

If you're not a fan of the original MSG, I recommend Mobile Suit Gundam Parody - Gutted Wren Studios, they really make the series humorous but still manage to stay true to the plot somehow. Most parodies become clusterfuck of other anime references and corny pun jokes but not this one! Plus the voice acting is really well done. Why am I continuing this promo anyway.

Moving on, I like the RX-78-2 design. For me, it's the traditional base design from which others are stemmed from. It's impressive how the design gets more detailed but the core elements are retained. 

There's much more that could have been said about this RG and I'm sure you'll find better reviews out there but what I would like to really highlight is that the RGs makes the HGUC/GFF/Robot Spirits looks like basic models. Once completed and topcoated, RGs hes the best reflection of what the real machine can look like.

For the RG RX-78-2, I would give it an 8.0/10. Maybe only the Super HCM Pro can top it in the 1/144 scale.

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