Wednesday, 17 April 2013

RX-178 Gundam MK-II [TITANS Version]

Do you know how many Gundam MK-II [TITANS] appeared in Zeta anime? 3 units! And did you know that Bandai included all 3 unit designation sticker [01/02/03] on the decal sheet? Wanna know what that means?


I like the MK-II. It's not the spectacular machine like Zeta or ZZ but it's more reminiscent of the RX-78-2, being test prototype units. Plus the build is made enjoyable with extra material like the hose tubing [Made from cloth].

And between the AEUG and TITANS, I prefer the dark blue scheme and Bandai has made an amazing dual tone for the RG, alternating between black and navy blue for the main suit. There's quite a number of optional extras for the TITANS release, such as different shoulder/leg exhaust vents and the chest grills.

The additional head sensor unit and extra ammo seems more appropriate on the TITANS too, since it does have the military police look and well, kinda fits in with the TITANS Test Team.. Oh wait, wrong TITANS division.

The bad thing however, is that the darker color makes nubs slightly more obvious and once you have applied the decal sticker, the silvering is much more glaring. Black panel line is also not as effective as gray/brown.

As earlier said, the extra parts means you can have slightly differing units, and that's quite a good thing to break the monotony in building. 

Damn Bandai and their conniving schemes. It appears I need to purchase 2 more RG MK-II TITANS cause I really enjoy the build despite the relatively simple build.

My thoughts on it? 8.5/10.

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