Wednesday, 17 April 2013

RX-178 Gundam MK-II [AEUG Version]

This MK-II reminds me of a lot of things. The FA version that I didn't get, the fact that I don't need 3 of this, the sense of disgust at how easily the MK-II was stolen, hmm, and most importantly, probably the only Gundam with so many pilots, it's like the whore of the Universal Century.

But random ass thoughts aside, I must say I like the MK-II AEUG a lot. It's a nice contrast from the dark blue scheme and has a unique subtle appeal without relying on outrageous equipment or gimmicks. However, if put into perspective, I may say I like the TITANS 100% and the AEUG 80%.

For this RG, I didn't bother with all of the equipment, preferring the simper looks. Therefore, the result is a sturdier and better articulated kit. Plus, the stickers' edges are better hidden when backed against the white armor.

That reminds me, I was tempted to get the Flying Armor and G-Defensor add-on until I realized, hey I didn't like the look at all. Oh damn, now my mind wanders off to that inspirational FA MK-II form.

With the RG MK-IIs covered, I'm left with 1 more RG to review. The defining, breakthrough, amazing [Censored] Gundam! 

While I may like the TITANS versions more, when it comes to the RG form, I like the AEUG slightly better and this is attributed solely to the combination of color and stickers.

Thus, 8.6/10. Haha, a 0.1 difference.

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