Saturday, 6 April 2013

RGM-79C Powered GM

I honestly believe that for most people, the love for Gundam, stops only at Gundam. The grunt units, the Mobile Armors and Battleships don't receive as much love as our heroic V-Fins. But spend long enough time in the interest and it's natural that this love starts to spread and branch out, for all EFSF grunts and even those of Zeon forces. And maybe, just maybe, soon you'll grow to love units like Mermaid Gundam but that's G Gundam, so let's save it for another time.

Therefore, this is special in the sense that it is my first grunt unit. I don't even like the default bright orange scheme but I still got the kit. Maybe that muscular torso was the main reason for my attraction. It looked more like a police unit to me, which kinda explains the color scheme I went with.

Please don't mind the Rick Diaz RMS-099/A.E.U.G designation on the unit. I didn't care about accuracy back then and just went with what would look good. Another thing to highlight is the discoloration on the shield due to the topcoat. Weird happening but since it gives off a slightly marbled look, I didn't bother fixing it since it almost looks intentional.

So! What did I think of my first GM suit? Well, I really liked it in the end. Initially, I thought the head was plain except for that clear visor but hey, it works, I mean how can the GM be better looking than the titular Gundams right?

And the body was standard RX-78 format but the elbows are superb. It's a 3-point articulation which allows for dynamic motions like holding bazookas in both hands or reach around to pull the beam sabers. Even the wrists has a rotating point to better support the poses you're trying to pull off.

Sadly, the calf armour hindered any good looking kneeling pose but that's not a major issue given that this is not the sniper unit.

Other than that, for a 18.5m unit, it doesn't look dwarfed with decent proportions and  there's a lot of details around to make this grunt unit a good one on its own.

This kit has a special connector which I couldn't manage to find, thus it's only loosely supported which dampened the posing of this kit. I swear that I didn't do this kit any justice with the poses I went with. You could easily get better action poses, with the included armament like the bazooka and beam saber as well.

Nonetheless, the change in color scheme made it feel more space-y and I kinda liked that, so I lazily went with flight shots.

7/10. Interesting and fun build kit which doesn't take as much time as Gundams but still has enough merits that you won't feel Bandai neglected it.

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