Monday, 29 April 2013

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

When Bandai promised a ground breaking, exciting and spectacular RG release, I was hoping for the phantasmal RG Turn A!

Okay, the Zeta was almost expected with the double release of the MK-II and the transformable feature certainly created a lot of buzz. Again, I couldn't care less about the plane form so if you're looking for the waverider mode, kindly proceed to the nearest CTRL+F4, you Transformers' fan.

I previously looked over the HGUC Zeta and was somewhat pleased with it despite the god awful seamlines and limited articulation. So, how does the RG version fare?

Form wise, it's amazing. Sleek and proportionate, it's toned body is the envy of many transformable suit. Not even the Delta Plus can look as good as the Zeta. I attribute this shapely silhouette to the never ending legs and the ultra-slim waist.

However, no thanks to it's transforming abilities, it also suffers drastically like the torso that never feels "fitting". You may find that the torso doesn't lock onto the main frame, making you feel that the Zeta is either elongated or it's supposed to look that way. Plus the groin region is the worse of any RG I've built.

Oh, the pain in trying to describe the crappy feature is akin to me getting stabbed repeatedly while watching Futurama. You're constantly laughing trying to make sense out of it despite the excruciating pain. Not even the gushing blood can make you understand why Bandai went ahead with their plan to create that upper leg support that cannot articulate as well as ball-based joints that are directly linked to the lower torso.

If whatever I said didn't make sense, you're either not an RG Zeta owner or you don't even know what an RG Zeta is. If you have one and you don't see this problem, then you're a Transformer fan and I shall rest my case. Cause the upper legs sucks. Period.

The accessories are awesome though. I do like the backpack, though they may come off a bit too easily, but that's alright, again, thanks to Waverider. I swear transforming into a plane and disintegrating parts comes hand in hand. The appropriate F word for this is flimsy.

Now that I think about it, the RG Zeta is like a really, really fragile model. Beautiful but breakable.

So, after all that complaints about the transformable feature and that I didn't even have mine in waverider mode, you might expect me to give this kit a really terrible score. Almost correct!

For you see, while the HGUC was quite solid, it lacked that sleekness oozing from the RG. The details are also worlds apart and while the RG didn't come with the Hyper Mega Launcher, it did have that full waverider feature. In a way, some aspects of the RG suffers because it went on to excel in another area.

As an aesthetic person who loves his kits in stand still posture however, I must give the RG Zeta a 8.0/10. Now, to be honest, despite my complaints, I'm actually expecting the RG Z-III White Unicorn from Samuel. What a transformable hypocrite I am.

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