Saturday, 6 April 2013

MRX-009 Psyco Gundam

It's understandable if anyone at first glance would assume its name is Pyscho Gundam. I mean, it's gigantic at 40 m, piloted by another unstable Cyber Newtype and is part of the TITANS. Hell, Psycho makes more sense as a name than Pysco [After the Pyscommu System].

What I liked about the Psyco was that it's a large kit, for a 1/144 scale and that's really nice because I admit I'm tempted by MG/PG sized kits but don't like the idea of a non-linear scale as collection. Despite the relatively simple details [I completely forgo the transformation by gluing all the parts], I think the sheer size and surface for decals allowed room for a good looking suit.

Decided to ditch the default colors for a much darker theme to give it a menacing look but one of the difficulties I had was painting the V-fin because it was made from a rubbery-kinda material and paint did not stick well on to it. Plus there were tonnes of seamlines throughout this kit, and being big means, these are really difficult to sand down. You can see and admire the result of my laziness in the pictures to follow.

Hehe, thinking back, the Mobile Fortress form is really silly, with the Pysco in a foetal position wearing a hat. It's like a flying retarded child propelled via farting. That's seriously the impression I had, so I had no qualms disabling it. I did not even finish the shields either.

With such a large kit, I didn't even bother posing it because it's not really the best in articulation. You're more likely only posing the hands and finger cannons and that's fine because it already looks awesome towering over all other kits.

As mentioned, details wise, it may appear simple at first but the thrusters, panel lines and other hatches featured all over makes me appreciate it more. Also, did you know that the mouthpiece can open up though it makes Pysco looks like Optimus Prime.

Looking at the kit again, as a 1/144 fan, it really is a special unit and to rate it, I must understand the perspective of the Psyco Gundam. It's not supposed to be well-articulated, it's not supposed to have a rifle/backpack or other gimmicks. But what it does is to replicate the sheer size and I believe it worked. Thus I think this deserves an 8/10 and would not hesitate to purchase another.

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  1. I like the way you say it, Optimus Prime Hahaha