Saturday, 6 April 2013

GN-004 Gundam Nadleeh

I liked Gundam Nadleeh. It was a special scene when it broke out of Virtue. I thought it looked really beautiful in a feminine way until I remembered that Tieria Erde is the pilot and not some bodacious babe.

Anyway, this is probably the second Gundam I had done any modifications to, the first being the Winged Unicorn which I've not yet published. I still have fear of cutting up Gundam since my skill is zilch.

So, what I did for the Nadleeh was implant a blue LED inside the torso and changed the rubber hair to fiber optics. The intended effect was to make the light glow through the optics and have that illuminated dot effect. But I ran into difficulties since the Nadleeh is the Gundam anorexic equivalent and fitting in stuff was difficult. Thus I settled for just the light up chest and turned the red colored parts yellow, accompanied by aurora stickers which are so difficult to handle.

Firstly, I don't even know why I ditched the gun in favor of beam sabers, which I am not particularly fond of. Maybe it's due to the clear red beam, or that it looks better on the skinny Nadleeh frame, or just goes well with the nice looking shield. But no matter, the gun isn't even assembled and I am fine with the beam saber choice. Should probably have done both beam sabers but I'm too lazy to continue.

Samuel Decal's silver looks fantastic, better than his other colors and it fits the shiny effect I had in mind for this kit. If this kit wasn't so small, I would have probably been able to space them out better but it doesn't look that messy in my opinion.

So, Nadleeh, what can I say about it. Very flexible kit, great articulation all around though the proportions is a bit too skinny for my liking, especially that large thigh but small feet. Details are good and color separation excellent, all these being the main attraction of the OO HG Kits.

The weapons are not bad at all, just that I didn't bother with them much. But it's the foils stick and GN clear pieces which I really like in the series.

Since I didn't use the rubber "wire" parts, I'm not able to conclude if they looked nice or could do some work like splitting them. But the fiber optics I used were freaking stiff and any rough motions would break them off, so the head's not going to move much.

The LED was initially really bright but it has since dimmed down to a good level due to a combination of battery rust and low power. Who knew there's a silver lining behind these 2 disaster.

I liked the Nadleeh and I liked what I did to it personally, so whenever I take out this kit, I would say it's a 8.5/10. What I could have done better was that LED light up thing but that's not part of the kit's actual review.

As said, what you get isn't just a small simple kit but a small, delicate, articulated and still simple kit.

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