Saturday, 13 April 2013

GAT-X105 Strike Gundam

I'm a big fan of Gundam SEED but I don't publicly admit it cause SEED fans kinda have a bad reputation and this is a very irrelevant and inappropriate way to start the post. I can relate to it however, with my dear buddy, James, who is a great friend but an absolute SEED-obsessed moron. Buys all the recent SEED releases and never touches them afterwards, thinks all Gundams are inspired from SEED, believes the SEED Zakus looks better than other series Zakus and worse of all, maintains that the Astrays are not relevant... Sorry James, still love ya buddy!

Okay, back to the GAT-X105 Strike Gundam, we have the Skygrasper add-on as well but I didn't get that for the simple fact that I'm not really as wow-ed by the other strike packs and also because planes and Gundams don't sync for me. At the same time, while I do wish the RG features other series, I wouldn't mind the other GAT models to be RG-fied though that's really unlikely for now.

This thing is backpack heavy. It can actually support the weight but I left it on the stand just to ease the posing process. The knife blades are included in this release and comes with the standard oversized beam sabers. Other than that, there's no other equipment of interest save for the AQM/E-X01 Aile Striker pack.

I may have mentioned this before but the HG SEED kits are absolute rubbish in terms of proportions that I almost barf looking at them. And when I see the prices being comparable to better HGUCs, the projectiles starts flowing non-stop. Thank goodness the RGs are here to provide some decent 1/144 models, because the Robot Spirits are somewhat underwhelming and the Cosmic Era GFF are hard to find.

The armor color separation isn't as obvious this time round but the engraved details, such as the vents in the backpack, the panel lines and raised grooves contributes to a great looking Strike. Even without the backpack, it looks superb, a demonstration of Bandai's achievement.

One of the best bit about SEED is the the focus on good designs and it goes beyond the character and mobile suit appearance. The music and the poses, they're quite memorable in their own rights and Strike's signature poses can be recreated with the RG frame.

On its own, Strike has a basic design when compared to units like Aegis, Freedom and Justice though it's not really that simplistic. Except for the first time it entered combat and it was so wrenching to see an unarmed Gundam with just knives.

And continuing from the previous RG RX-78-2 post, for this kit, I believe the broken part is the left beam saber hilt, whereby the plastic bit attached to the backpack kinda chipped a little. Probably due to the panel line I used.

Given that the other SEED reincarnation is so bad, it's easy to over appreciate this kit but rightly so, because SEED and RG frames goes well together. You get a good looking kit posing nice moves. So it's not surprise that this kit gets an 8.5/10.

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