Friday, 29 March 2013

RX-178 Gundam MK-II [Titans Version]

This GFF had a funny story. The AEUG version has the FA included and I swore I thought it was the case with the Titans Version. But no, I got a Barzam instead without any FA. I was pretty disappointed... Maybe disappointed with my inability to read the freaking box before purchase haha.

As if adding insult to injury, this is the chubbiest MK-II I've ever seen. Katoki must have been trolling in this product cause it sure as hell was proportioned weirdly. It's as if the Titans were promoting fast food with this abomination. It makes The-O looks pretty healthy looking.

Okay I'm just exaggerating but the proportion is really off in the horizontal axis.

On the extra-XL plus side, it is very detailed with the markings and the colours were nice. There's 2 tones of color for the shield and main body.

It is also a tough GFF. The parts stayed on very well unlike others but I find it minimally equipped as well.

Oh and if you want to compare, here's a RG and GFF shot. You can tell who just went to the gym. 

Overall, this scores a mere 3/10. Disappointing, just like how the Titans let go of their MK-IIs.

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