Friday, 29 March 2013

RGZ-95C ReZEL Type-C Defenser b-Unit [GR]

If you watched Gundam Unicorn episode 5 and went WOAH! at the appearance of General Revil warship and how the fleet of ReZEL starts launching, you'll probably wished Bandai released it. And they did release the HGUC form! Even the MG is getting it.

Not even the fact that the units got raped so bad by Rozen Zulu can stop me from getting this gigantic grunt suit. Its sheer size is comparable with FA and heavy equipment Gundams. Infact, taking photos of it was quite a chore since the background was exposed a lot.

I apologize for the boring action poses because I had just finished the GFF posts and it drained all creativity from my brain.

I didn't try to transform it but if you unequipped the backpack, it's almost like a large fighter plane. The cannons are mighty impressive and the wingspan is insane.

The colors is also one of the major favorite points for me since it's almost reminiscent of the Zeta A1 for me. I kinda wished they added the standard ReGEL beam rifle just to make it overkill but it's no biggie since Bandia probably wanted me to buy the other ReZEL kits.

Oh and it's one of the few with yellow beam sabers!

It is backpack heavy if you don't position the beam cannons forward which is why I had to prop it on an Action Base.

Other than that let's see, oh yes, the admirable amount of thrusters around the unit, the side skirting, backpack, legs, it's a very delightful detail.

The kit is fun to build although the crazy amount of seamlines can impede your modelling spirit. But nonetheless, it's a good looking grunt unit and I hoped it fares much better in Unicorn episode 7 if it appears.

Rating? A nice 7.5/10 for it.

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