Sunday, 3 March 2013

MSZ-010 ZZ Gundam

Recently, not many Gundam merchandise entice me, mostly due to my time constraint and slight shift in interest. Nevertheless, I'm still happy that the passion is there, and the purchase of this Robot Damashii ZZ Gundam is proof of that.

I like RD figures [Not as much as the detailed GFF though!] since they offer really fantastic articulation and the proportions are lean and mean. But after browsing through throngs of Gundam Wing RD and freaking ugly ones like Gafrans and AGE-1 Spallow, I stumbled on this gem, the ZZ Gundam.

I quite liked the design, mostly due to the bulk but I've always found the Double Beam Rifle really lame. It looks somewhat silly in my opinion, a step down in aesthetics compared to Zeta's rifles.

My initial opinion? What an ugly behemoth. The thighs are fat and stout, the main torso looks like it's hunching and the backpack attachment point is very weird since it's angled and attached to the back waist, instead of the back shoulder.

The armor parts around the leg section is flimsy is hell and keeps popping out of its slots. The back pack did not have the missile opening gimmick and this had more noticeable nubs than my other RD kits. I was terribly disappointed...

And then I started treating it like a GFF figure. I made it stand still, put on all the equipment and my opinion started to change. Adjusting the body angle and leg angle, it kinda looks better and the short thigh isn't as noticeable.

Looked around the box and noticed that it looked good in some poses. Also, found that it comes with a display stand and bam! I'm starting to like the figure again.

That big ass beam saber part amazed me. It's quite heavy too for a 1/144 size unit but the ZZ is surprisingly able to hold it.

In fact, I think it's a pretty decent reincarnation of the ZZ Gundam and since I don't have the HGUC version built, I can't exactly do a comparison. But if there's 1 really good point, it's a really articulated unit for its size.

I still have to give it a review and while the slim torso works for units like Wing Zero, it looks weird when paired with the aforementioned thunder thighs. While movement range is superb, the looks pulled the points downwards, and with RD's lack of panel lines, it looks plain in a lot of areas. My verdict? 6.5/10.

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