Friday, 29 March 2013

MSN-00100 Hyaku Shiki

Like other GFF purchases, I got this for the FA version since I'm not particularly a fan of the Hyaku Shiki since the Delta Gundam reigns supreme in the gold department.

So, this wasn't gold plated but at least it's not the brown poop color of the Hyaku Shiki with Mega Cannon HGUC kit thingy... This Hyaku Shiki also looked better proportioned than the HGUC one, which I've built but not reviewed. But a Hyaku Shiki is a Hyaku Shiki, so no wow-factor for the equipment, except for the goldish plating.

What I liked was the muscley-looking proportions of the GFF instead of the stumpy HGUC. I think Char would have preferred this as well.

The details were good and I appreciated the very nice shoulder decals. Good ol' GFF goodness.

For this GFF Hyaku Shiki, it deserves a 6/10. Not bad at all...

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