Sunday, 3 March 2013

MSA-0011[EXT] Ex-S Gundam

I've said it once, I've said it twice and I'll say it again, Ex-S Gundam is the most beautiful design in my opinion.

What we have here, is the HGUC version, and its articulation is so crap, it's basically just a paperweight. I even lost the Beam Smart Gun in a disaster involving industrial thinner and therefore didn't even bother posing it because it's pointless without that gun.

But that's what Ex-S Gundam is supposed to do, stand still and look good. The default kit is amazing in terms of details and as I've regurgitated, the design is so good that any flaws becomes negligible. Stuff like the major seamlines on the limbs, the kinda bad color separation and again, the articulation pales in comparison to the sleek and mean face, the broad bulky shoulder, intricate leg design and well-built torso.

Mine can't even stand properly now unassisted, due to the weight of the mighty backpack of awesomeness with large thrusters and beam cannons.

When it comes to this kit, or any other form of Ex-S, what you're paying for is the physical entity of a very, very special Gundam.

Ex-S Gundam. 10/10.

PS: I think this is one of my most pointless review. Everyone loves Ex-S.

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