Friday, 29 March 2013

FA-007GIII Full Armor Gundam MK-III

My top 5 Gundam designs would have this listed in one of the rankings, alongside Ex-S, Woundwort, Devil and Xi.

Which is surprising because the FA MK-III is like an acquired taste. At first, I hated the colors. What is that ridiculous red/white armor doing on the grim reaper grey MK-III. But with exposure to the FA version more and more, I grew to love it. I think the contrast here is the key to that attraction. Oh and the powerful looking armaments helps a whole lot too.

The GFF pieces falls off easily, at the torso, waist, shoulder and legs. Everything falls apart easily. And I don't even give a damn because it is just so good-looking.

The GFF has like a crapload amount of weapons, that I didn't even included the shotguns and pistols. Oh and those damned bazookas. 

It's like that one time I slept with a... oops, confidential info. But let's just say, sometimes some things are sooo nice that you oversee their flaws. The decals are marvelously placed too, like the AE logo, FSWS and other markings. This is one of the newer GFF release I suppose, so it has that manufacturing advantage.

I highly recommend getting it if you can because it really is rare and I'm not surprised if there's a demand for it. I know there'll be more Gundam lovers who will seek this gem. But for this kit, it scores a 9/10. If this was HGUC form, oh boy, I cannot contain my excitement.

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  1. Oh, this is the one that you showed me, I know I like this B***h so powerful in a way that is it able to defeat any enemy which I know all gundams always win in the anime but really with this gundam I have the feeling, nothing can win him Chio Bu Gundam ^^