Monday, 11 February 2013

XXXG-01H2 Gundam H-Arms Custom

I like the Gundam designs in Gundam Wing EW and have watched the Endless Waltz movie a couple of time. But that still didn't convince me to finish the anime or others may refer as the TV version, nor did it made me a fan of the anime's more practical TV design. So, you could say that I prefer this Heavyarms over the red one and I'm quite sad that Bandai didn't produce an updated 1/144 version of these guys.

My disinterest in Gundam Wing anime is probably linked to my prejudice that it's a lot of political mess [Over 40 episodes I think?] revolving around impossible perfect ideals and beliefs, and thus, the EW movie was a much more bearable experience.

What I like about the Heavyarms was of course, the concept of barraging bullets in the enemy's face. The rather blocky design and dark turquoise color blends well together and I must say, the joker mask that it sports, was one of the attractive points (Not included in this kit though). And when it runs out of bullets, it's sexy as hell too, with wispy smokes covering its red hot guns.

This kit is surprisingly small. I mean EW suits are small but for a heavy armed unit, I find it hard to believe that it's around the same size as an RX-78-2. But size aside, I love it best when it is just standing. There's not much poses that it can pull off either way.

There's an appeal in that "Oh, you want some of this?" stance where it just hold the gattling guns in standby. And of course, when you know what it packs beneath it's armors, the whole dominant stance seems much more dangerous. This kit included the gimmicks to display the inner ammunition, including the one of the calves, but you gotta swap parts for that, unlike the shoulder and chest which can swivel open.

While building this kit, I realized that the H-Arms silhouette benefits a lot from its shoulders. Try removing that and you'll notice that the H-Arms is missing a lot, as compared to when you just remove its guns. Backpack-wise, I think this and the Nataku has the most insignificant backpack designs.

Now, those who have build both the new HGUC and old HG models, will know that the elbow and knee connectors look like crap (And works like crap) compared to the new HGUC. It's made of the PC material and didn't look aesthetically pleasing. So, don't expect much articulation out of this model kit line.

Seamlines, as expected, are HORRIBLE. I can't even be bothered to sand them. There's major ones running down the legs, hands and weapons.

The part's color separation is another major problem. The whole gattling gun equipment is molded in the default turquoise color, the whole feet is dark blue, and you get these sticker sheet for the stripes, which doesn't even fit perfectly well with the stripe designs.

What I'm trying to say is, unless you did some minor work on the kit, you won't like the final result.

As much as I like the Heavyarms Custom [And it's photogenic pilot], I can only give this kit a 4.5/10. This is mostly due to the kit's age rather than the design itself and until you get to the end result, you'll be criticizing and condemning this kit with a barrage of hate and frustration.

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  1. He still looks like "dai gor dai" = Big bro in gay destructive weapons ^^