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XXXG-00W0 Gundam Wing Zero Custom

I love Gundam Wing Zero Custom. I love it so much that I thrashed the HG kit in favor of pre-ordering the Robot Damashii version. And it did not disappoint!

The angelic wings, the knight armors and that lean and mean stance, now that is a perfect marriage of feminine elegance and male stylishness. A lot of people argued that the Wing Zero Custom is impractical and an insult to Gundam's real robot idea. But these are the same people who are also going to hell for that blasphemy so I won't bother.

In fact, it is this exact daring and risque design, breaking the chain of monotony, that makes me a fan. And adding not one but TWIN BUSTER RIFLES on this Gundam, makes it an overkill unit in my books.

As you can observe, the Robot Damashii managed to capture the long, slender proportions of the Wing Zero pretty well. The mane, or wings in this case, is a nice large complement to the petite Gundam. Without the wings, Wing Zero is reduced to zero. Nothing fancy.

I think it looks great from most view, if not all. I can't really nitpick this kit, except for the extended neck, which caught me off guard at first cause it really looked unnatural. After awhile, you get used to it and even appreciate the length as it allows for some spectacular head range.

As expected, it is backpack heavy and add in the flexible leg joints, it means Wing Zero will fall flat if left unsupported. Of course you could adjust the wings to support the standing pose but that won't really look nice. Besides, you risk rubbing the wing tips.

Oh wow, now that I think about it, the way the wings curved, is somewhat similar to many female anime hairstyles. I'm not sure if you get what I mean but it's that curvy down effect that I get from looking at it.

While the inclusion of the Figma stand is pretty nice, it's actually quite weak compared to action bases. Sure it looked better but you'll find your unit dropping from the stand's peg often.

As a Gundam Fix Figuration person, I did wish this kit came decaled or panel lined. I think that would have added more to the looks but I'm still fine with the overall appearance. That's how good the design is and I can't stressed it enough.

If you noticed, the RD version is much taller than it's HG counterpart. And that's not to say that it is a bad thing, because I don't think it would looked as good if it was reduced in size, just to stay true to the 1/144 scale.

Out of all the EW designs, no doubt Heero Yuy and Gundam Wing Zero Custom are my favourite choices. In that scene where it busts the bunker open, I admit that I came bucket loads. My heart wrenched looking at the way Wing Zero sacrificed itself but it looked so good and noble that I couldn't help tearing up.

Don't forget the scene where it was submerged in water! Very Xperia Z cool!

One of the major plus of the Robot Damashii line is the articulation. This kit can pull of all the actions in the movie, in promotional arts and other cool signature poses. However, be cautioned that when a kit is flexible, it's also likely to be loose over time and posing it can be quite a chore trying to make the limbs stay in position.

While you risk getting defects on your mass-produced figures, I think I got a pretty good figure. There's nothing to complain about except for some slight nubs but it's all pretty negligible in the larger picture.

I must admit, the way the wings are engineered beats the HG one piece style. I do hope we get to see this in RG or updated HG.

Out of all the Wing Zero versions, I must say this and the Ver. Ka are my favorites. The more practical anime design doesn't really appeal to me since they appear outdated and didn't age as well as the RX-78-2 in my opinion. Plus the Bird mode was pretty funky to me.

And to add on to the awesomeness of the Wing Zero, its signature poses are pretty unique to itself, in that no other Gundams can pull it off as successfully, not even the Strike Freedom. I attribute it to the sleek and slender proportions.

Accessories-wise, you get 1 green beam saber, open and clenched fists and the TBR. And don't forget the earlier mentioned display stand!

I'm not a beam saber guy but I can't help trying to pull off some pose with it, just because the Wing Zero looked good in anything.

Trying to mimic some poses made me appreciate articulation. Sure I love default standing pose the most, but getting to pull off signature poses are one of the positives in Gunpla.

This shot reminded me that there's a robot girl version of the Wing Zero, and it looked like they share the same armor and wings mold.

Sometimes, I wonder if the enemies are mesmerized or frightened of seeing Wing Zero. I mean, I would be really, really awed by its look, thus getting shot down easily. MAYBE that's the whole idea behind it! Although they would have just went Angelg if distraction was the main point.

This is my first time trying to pull this pose off. I think it's okay, not as great as I thought it looked in some other reviews. Not that I liked this pose since I think the other shots capture the elegance better.

Overall, 10/10. Great Robot Damashii. Get it now! In fact, if you can, don't stop at one.

PS: Seriously, get it.

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