Tuesday, 1 January 2013

RX-121-2 Gundam TR-1 [Hazel II]


Okay, this is my first post in a while and definitely the first of 2013. So, let me start with the Hazel II kit. I seriously think this butterfly-like backpack is a good design. Can you imagine a big backpack like this on the Ex-S? Oh my goodness, it would be so intimidating and probably faster too.

Haha, you're probably thinking like my Cereal buddy, what's so nice about the butterfly-esque shape? Well, when the Gundam universe is filled with the typical propellants or wings-type backpack, the unusual starts becoming the more attractive design. Some examples includes Master Gundam's cloak, Ez-8's packs and Nu's funnels.

So other than the cutesy uncommon design? I feel that it has an aircraft element to it and that flat surface means decaling would be quite fun. Thus, I tried to do the TTT color scheme and I think I failed miserably as the yellow stripes are quick thick.

Spraycans means lots of paint leaks and I had to use a craft knife to correct them. So, it was a frustrating build and I had only one thing to push for, the completion. In the end, I'm glad with the results, not because I think I did a good work, but because the kit is so nice that it still looked good despite my lack of skills.

The only complaint I had was the gun. I like the gun, but the design means that the Gundam has to hold it in only one manner, fixed by the side or risk popping the gun out from the hand. It makes posing the Gundam quite difficult but thankfully the style looks natural.

Overall, I'll give this kit a 6.8/10 because working with dark blue means you're gonna get some unsightly nub marks. Also, the Hazel II doesn't compare as well as the Hazel Custom in terms of overall feel, mostly due to the lack of other equipment, found at the skirt and legs.

This gave me an idea to attach the butterfly pack, I mean Tri Booster Pack on the Hazel Custom.

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  1. Oh, well, only this time I know that the gun can only hold it that way. Something I didn't get from you talking, anyway, as you know, I don't like the design, but still is a Hazel, so it still looks good, I would rated it slightly lesser than you maybe 6 or 6.5.