Sunday, 11 November 2012

RX-121-1 Gundam TR-1 Hazel Custom

Who is one of the cutest Gundam in my opinion? Ask me! Ask me now!

The answer is HAZEL CUSTOM!

It's colored brightly, it's short and stubby and has one of the meatiest leg in Gundam universe. Slap on some of the rabbit-themed emblems and you get an overload in kawaii factor. Okay, okay, fine, the Hazel Custom is actually a fine performing machine on its own, I guess.

I'm a big Titans Trial Test Team fan. I don't give a damn if the TITANS is an extremist corrupted faction. I think they pushed the limitations in technology with their insane Mobile Armour and Mobile Suit designs. I would also like to take this time and wish for a TR-6 Woundwort model kit.

Back to the Hazel Custom, I didn't know initially that the almost AEUG color scheme was only because they didn't have time to re-paint the fitted spare parts to fit the traditional TITANS color scheme in the series. I like the blocky silhouette and also how armored it looked. The array of thrusters was also a selling point since I enjoy colouring them yellow.

The build itself is straightforward, nothing really worth mentioning but if you've ever made almost similar models or other Hazel versions, you could really see which part is utilized in other versions and what options you have to re-create other TTT units.

Bandai provided some stickers to furnish this kit but they also sold accompanying decals which I thought was way better and did the Hazel justice because they conform to the contours better. I think the names inspired from Watership Down and the rabbit emblems were a definitive feature of the TTT.

Truly biased that I'm going to give this kit a 7.5, more than the Gundam X, because I feel that you get something special from this guy. You get a kit with a lot more details, like the yellow pieces, an extra shield with booster and overall, a solid and balanced kit.

Plus looking at CerealKiller's Hazel Custom  further confirmed my belief that the HG Hazel Custom will look great even out of the box.

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  1. You forget to mentioned that you painted the fingers, which I think is the most outstanding feature from the custom kit. Like the red-orange fingers