Sunday, 11 November 2012

RX-93-V2 Hi-Nu Gundam

If I said I liked Nu Gundam, then I would admit that I love the Hi-Nu Gundam. Previously, it was that slightly chubby version with purple scheme and gradient tones on the funnels but its design got revisited by Bandai and we get a slimmer and bluish Hi-Nu Gundam, which is still good looking in my opinion.

I think the combination of bold colours like blue and yellow fits the elegant winged form of the Gundam, and while it has a backpack full of fin funnels and accessories like propellant tanks and beam saber in forearms, it didn't look "busy" or over-equipped. 

The kit has decent weight distribution but I decided to mount it on a stand such that the 360 view is possible while the wings are spread. Honestly, I didn't thought that it could stand on its own two feet but it can pull it off although adjusting the wings will throw it off balance.

The beam rifle and shield has great details, especially the zig-zag pattern on the shield and the nice grey plate at the back of the shield. While they look nothing outstanding like the GP02 weapons, it works well with the Hi-Nu appearance and that's what matters most.

Now onto the main attraction, the backpack. First off, I'm not sure if I'm disappointed that only 2 out of 6 fin funnels is actually operable. I'm not going to pose thee fin funnels but I feel that since Hi-Nu Gundam was Amuro's ultimate unit, cheaping it out like this is a great insult to the hero, like selling figurines of him with straight hair and without the afro. It's just the definitive aspect.

But of course that aside, the articulation is decent for such a kit, although surprisingly for winged units, the legs aren't as spectacular as I hoped it would be. I can't do a nice fluid leg appearance since the foot won't be able to move as much., blocked with the lower armour.

The clear blue beam sabers, [I don't usually give a damn about beam sabers but the nice clear blue ones included made me slightly happy about its existence] and the well-hidden seam lines means that it's going to look great, even if just out of the box.

Overall, believe it or not, I'll give this HG Hi-Nu Gundam an 8.5. Because of the lovely colours, the details all over the kit and the capturing of the Hi-Nu spirit in model kit form.

It remains as one of the few kits that over the time, as I look back, I can still admire it without nitpicking much,

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  1. I like his Beam Saber, looks like bad ass weapon. But cause I'm not a fan of Hi-Nu, so I would have questioned your rating but since you are a fan of Hi-nu, then I suppose that's well rated. For my point of view, the golden yellow at the back of the "Wing Weaponry" looks outstanding, makes me take a took twice and enjoy the overall kit. I won't say I'm gonna buy but that is definitely a good work.