Sunday, 4 November 2012

RX-93 Nu Gundam

Initially, the lopsided design of the Nu Gundam was unsettling to me. It's asymmetrical nature made something feel missing and I preferred the Hi-Nu Gundam version over it. However, with more exposure to the design itself and having watched Char's Counter-Attack , the Nu Gundam won me over and everything made sense, including the fact that it is missing something since it was rushed into battle before actual completion.

Now, no doubt that it is an iconic suit, piloted by the legendary Amuro Ray, fitted with 6 fin funnels on only one side, defeated Sazabi and attempted to stop a colony drop but the best thing I like about the Nu Gundam was it's head design. It is as if Nu was a really dominant authority, staring into your soul, displeased and forever looking down on you. And I really, really like grim looking Gundams; e.g. Ex-S and Mk-III.

Oh! Anyway, for this built, while the default color is really great, using black instead of the traditional blue, I opted for the blue-white scheme, to match the waterslide decals I had. Overall, I'm pleased with the effect although I do admit I could have done some things slightly better, such as the V marking on the fin funnels and the stripes featured all over the suit.

If you haven't watched Char's Counter-Attack [CCA], you really should stop reading now and go watch it as soon as possible. It's not exactly the best plot since it's basically Char going crazy and plotting a colony drop while also providing Anaheim Electronics with Psycoframe data so that his rival Amuro have a comparable suit to match his Sazabi. It is as if Char wanted to be stopped. Nonetheless, our hero battles Char and tries to stop the Axis drop, in which everyone, including Neo Zeon units channel their hope [Some of them even joining in pushing back Axis] and wishes into the Nu Gundam. Pretty cheesy stuff to be honest.

But, it's great because it was the last known battle Amuro was in and the Nu Gundam did pretty well for an incomplete suit, using all the fin funnels and weaponry, even having to use his beam saber as a last resort. That exhibition of pilot skills is enough to warrant the movie existence alone.

Onto the HGUC itself, I really enjoyed it. At first it seemed complicated, being a large unit with several equipment but as you build it and break it down, it actually is straight forward. Bandai did a great job in minimizing seamlines and nub marks, so the only thing you need to worry is getting the parts right. Plus the articulation is fantastic.

The shoulder can move forward and back, the head with the neck gives more motion and the front skirts flap upward enough to give the legs a lot of motion. To be honest, for a HGUC kit, the motion rivals even the small flexible HG kits out there. You also get the beam rifle and beam bazooka [God I hate bazookas in general though, they have shitty seamline places and the color separation is crap].

But the real deal lies in the fin funnels. This part is quite tricky, because while it appears similar, there are 3 separately different type of fin funnels and confusing them would spell trouble. It is also repetitive and boring to make but once you're done, bam! You have yourself a HGUC Nu Gundam.

Looking back, there wasn't really anything bad about this kit other than the obvious fact that it is slightly imbalanced, due to the fin funnel set. It is also really good but it doesn't give you that "WOW OMG THAT IS THE BEST" vibe either. I would give it a 8.0, which could easily have been a 9 if Bandai added some more details such as panel lines to enhance it's appearance.

That is not stopping me from having several Nu Gundam kits though [HWS and Gundoom versions] but seriously, I'm contemplating getting another, just to have a default color scheme. Goes to show how great of a kit it actually is, building, posing and playability.

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  1. As you know me, so I will just straight forward, I not a fan of Gundam Hi-Nu, but I do have Gundam Nu the Gundoom version, I do like his height and eventhough the leg's sleeve a bit too big like not so nice, probably Bandai did it better, but overall I still loving it. That is what I have in mind but after I see the photos of your's, I see the potential in it but maybe not the right price if got discount or promotion might keep one as collection as well.