Sunday, 11 November 2012

RX-0 Banshee Gundam [Destroy Mode]

I loved Unicorn Gundam. Until they released the Banshee and all hell breaks loose as a demonic being descended. That scene in Unicorn animation still gives me the goosebumps and the scene where it demolished the Delta Plus was one of the sickest close-up domination I've ever witnessed in Gundam series.

I've seen the linearts for Banshee and felt that instead of going for gold psychoframe, I've decided to give it a flaming appearance, opting instead for fluorescent red. I liked the result I achieved since it reminded me of elements like inferno, demons and lava.

If I thought Unicorn Destroy Mode looks slightly disproportionate because of the long legs, I'm a bloody hypocrite ad say that the Banshee looks gorgeous and spot on. This despite both sharing the exact same body. I think it's down to the color as the black made the unit look sleeker and slimmer.

Articulations, details and what have you have been said before and I'll still say that the back skirt sucks big time. It was as if Bandai had to give the kit 1 flaw, just so it won't be the best HG model ever.

I still stand by what I said, that Destroy Modes looks great just standing still and looking down on the filthy humans at its feet. If I was bothered, I might have ran 2 fibre optic into the eyes, lighted by a red LED to further add on to its demonic form. Speaking of form, how the hell does Banshee, horns and black/gold reminds anyone of a Lion, which is what the Banshee is supposed to represent, versus the white Unicorn.

Since I gave away the nice looking beam magnum to the Banshee Gundam [Unicorn Mode], I didn't mind using the Armed Armor BS [Beam Smartgun, not BullShit] . However, the claws was another issue altogether. It looked silly and the concept itself is worse than using a shield. I mean at least with a shield, you could block some shots, but a claw? Damn, why don't you just put the claw at the head, to act like a lion's skull-crushing jaws.

Overall, I am satisfied with the Banshee Gundam, more so than the Unicorn Destroy Mode, given that you get a nicer set of V-fins, some additional weaponry and a darker color scheme, I'll rate it as an 8.0.

If I were to use the default dark blue color and slightly dull gold psychoframe, I might not feel the same way since it will look less hellish.

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  1. [Claps x10] Well said and gratitude for the rate, cause any lesser than that, I'm gonna punch you. Really well present, I like Banshee, it't the only kit that I spent so much and the result is great, I like it to be painted true black and is already showing who is your boss?! The horn, tells you why you are so weak? You are not comparable to mine!!!!![Devilish Gundam]