Sunday, 11 November 2012

MSZ-006 Zeta Gundam

I like the Zeta Gundam design, I seriously do, but the default color scheme pales in comparison to the Zeta Plus versions. So without bothering to modify the HGUC Zeta Gundam to look like the Zeta Plus variations, I simply sprayed the colour scheme I wanted and apply the appropriate decals.

Pretty lazy but I'm very happy with the result. What I'm not happy was my shoddy skills, not bothering to cover the obvious seam lines, such as that on the shin and backpack. But alas, sometimes when you're excited about making a kit, you tend to forgo the necessary just so you could get to the end result quickly.

I didn't finish watching Zeta anime, stopping just after they obtained all 3 MK-II prototypes because I just can't stand Kamille. I know he changed for the better in the latter part of the series but in the early stages, my god, what an obnoxious brat. Seriously, who the hell gets so angry thinking his name is feminine, that he goes and hijack a Gundam and tries to scare the TITANS officers.

I rather Kamille gets pissed off because the TITANS molested him teasingly or some other much more realistic abuse. But that aside, I'm kinda regretting not finishing the series while I still had a lot of free time because I really wanted to see Amuro and Char- I mean Quattro Bajeena in action again.

The Zeta Gundam's main selling point might be it's transformable feature, the Variable Mobile Suit And Wave rider system (VMsaWrs), but since I'm not a fan of Gundam universe's plane design since it does not look as sleek as current real life machines, like the F-14 Tomcat and F-22 Raptor, I'm not going to bother. Plus just to add on, if I wanted transforming robots, I'll go for Transformers.

The kit itself is excellent in realizing the sleek and proportionate form of the Zeta Gundam. However, while it looks great, it's movements isn't so great. The shoulder is practically inexistent, the torso is a core single block, meaning there's no leaning or nice half-side turn poses, the head is kinda restricted to small tilts and the hands and forearms kinda hinders the posing with weapons, especially with the Hyper Mega Launcher.

However, as you would have guessed, the legs are fantastic. I've a certain weakness for model kits whose feet are able to do that sweeping, facing down appearance. Oh the orgasm in attaining that form in aerial poses. The backpack also adds masculinity to the kit's appearance, like the broad V back of bodybuilders. 

Overall, despite the pros and cons of the suit, I will have to say, based on my experience, I think this kit scores a 7.0. While the build might be frustrating to modelers who clear their seam lines and the end product will make avid fans who like to fiddle with their kits poses slightly disappointed, I think the fact that you get a freaking Zeta Gundam and stuff like the Hyper Mega Launcher is pretty worth the money.

A word of caution though, at the point of writing this post, the RG Zeta is still unreleased and that might be the superior 1/144 scale Zeta.

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  1. I knew it why you would rated it 7.0 cause you scared when you have your RG Zeta, you can't rate it higher, so you rated this one lesser..... I know strategies one hoh. HAHAHAHAHA