Sunday, 18 November 2012

MSN-001 Delta Gundam

MSN-001 Delta Gundam, one of the few Gundams which I must say was love at first sight. I didn't knew it existed, I didn't knew it was supposed to be a transforming Hyaku Shiki and I definitely didn't know that to build it, Anaheim Electronics had to plunder graves of famous rappers to exhume the needed gold.

But still I was determined to get it no matter the cost when Bandai announced it's released. I didn't really like the purple Delta Plus but with the Delta Gundam, I love everything about it, the tall and lean athletic build, the large gun and shield and of course, the gold plated armour. And so I did get it around the release date and proceeded to make it straightaway, my first chrome plated kit and here are my thoughts...

Fucking dildos man. That's about what I thought when I was done. Though the seam lines are minimal [And in chrome kits, removing seam lines is never an option unless you're a pro who likes to strip the paint and rework the whole kit], the kit suffers a little from the black scar marks left behind by the nubs. Also, everything feels a little loose on this transformable suit, move the body and the legs shift, move the head and the hands move.

Considering the price [Most of it going towards the gold, just like how the production cost must have been in the Gundam universe], I expected better pegs for the shield and gun. The fitting is so basic that one nudge and both will drop, lest I glue them permanently in.

Also, maybe because I don't have the Delta Plus, I didn't know that it's almost flat footed. I expected heels like Zeta Gundam or Unicorn Destroy, which I totally dig and think would fit the Delta Gundam, but no, I got flat feet Delta Gundam. I mean, no problem with that, but with a foot like that, the shield and gun will touch the floor. Not in the stylish kind by the way, it's like "having crutches on my Gundam"-type.

But, there are many positives that I would like to give this kit. The nub marks, while not really repairable, are mostly ignored because of the undergate technology, meaning the ugly scars are hidden inside the armor pieces usually. So, basically, while your Delta Gundam is rotten and black inside, it's amazingly beautiful for the most part outside, like many people in this world. I kid I kid.

Also, because it is a transformable suit, that means it is a superbly articulated Gundam. As I've said many times, if a Gundam can move its feet to be in straight vertical pointing down position, it's a gold-class kit, oops, pun not intended. You will have a lot of blast moving the kit in action poses, something I didn't really do because I don't want to scrap the painted internal frames.

The rather tall and large size is an appreciated factor. Having recently reviewed S Gundam, Unicorn and Banshee for example, having such physique gives an imposing and awe-inspiring feel. Hell I think Gundams should now be around 20 m, instead of 18 m.

Lastly, the gold. Just the gold is too damn good, better than the Hyaku Shiki HGUC gold. It's shiny and has a nice yellow-gold tone instead of brown-gold, if you know what I'm talking about. Despite being easily stained by fingerprints, after wiping it with spectacle's cloth, it will definitely be one of the highlights of your collection. Maybe your grandmother will even try to steal it and try to pawn it off.

Overall, I would say that this kit deserves a 99/10 for it's golden coating. Hah, no chance, I think seriously, it scores a 7.0/10 because at the price range, you would expected a kit with minimal flaw and packed with good features, like better equipment locking, maybe a stand since it is transformable and lastly, something special, like a slightly metallic color internal frame instead of the typical grey.

But don't feel like you will get robbed if you purchase this though, I think at best, it is an above average kit and that gold alone, is truly special. Just that factor eclipses it's well articulated and sculpted design.

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